Letter from the Under Secretary of State Home Office to the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Henry Richard Abadie] regarding the expenses of mobilising the Jersey Militia originally enclosed with a letter from the War Office

Reference: A/C2/39/1

Date: January 1st 1904 - January 1st 1904

Copy letter from Guy Fleetwood Wilson, War Office to the Under Secretary of State advising that the decision of whom should pay in the event of the mobilisation of the Jersey Militia should be deferred until the occasion arises

Reference: A/C2/39/25

Date: December 24th 1903 - December 24th 1903

Copy letter from the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Henry Richard Abadie] to the Under Secretary of State requesting on whom the expenses would fall if the Jersey Militia was mobilised

Reference: A/C2/39/26

Date: November 7th 1903 - November 7th 1903

Letter from Henry Cunynghame, Whitehall to the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Henry Richard Abadie] originally enclosed with a copy of letter of 24 Dec see A/C2/39/25 regarding 'incidence of the expense of mobilisation of the Jersey Militia'

Reference: A/C2/40/1

Date: January 1st 1904 - January 1st 1904

Copy letter from Lt Colonel A Ward Simpson, Government Secretary to G Le Gros regarding a speech he made in the States when he referred to the Government covering the cost of mobilising the Jersey Militia

Reference: A/C2/40/4

Date: January 15th 1904 - January 15th 1904

Letter from Gervaise Le Gros, Seafield to Lt Colonel Ward Simpson in reply to his letter of 15 January see A/C2/40/4 regarding the speech in the States which referred to the Government covering the costs of mobilisation after a conversation with the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Henry Richard Abadie] on the subject

Reference: A/C2/40/6

Date: January 18th 1904 - January 18th 1904

Copy letter from A Ward Simpson to G Le Gros, Seafield, Millbrook, St Lawrence with enclosed newscutting from the Evening Post reporting the States debate re. finances involved in mobilisation of the Militia of the 14 January

Reference: A/C2/40/7

Date: January 25th 1904 - January 25th 1904

Correspondence between the Bailiff, W V Vernon and the Deputy Governor, J W Godfray regarding provision of posters if general mobilisation is called for

Reference: A/C2/47/1

Date: February 12th 1913 - February 13th 1913

File S/4/11 Mobilisation Posters

Reference: A/C8/11

Date: June 28th 1951 - February 16th 1955

Mobilisation and the declaration of war

Reference: A/E/8/21

Date: August 3rd 1914 - April 14th 1921

Correspondence concerning the safe-guarding of the jobs of mobilised personnel and enquiries from those serving in the forces including F E Andrews, H D Starck, D A Tanner, W Tong and L J Ward

Reference: B/A/W9/1

Date: September 11th 1939 - April 30th 1940

Images of Mr E Le Herissier with a collection of documents, including an old Banque de France five francs note and a letter of mobilization with regards to service in the Royal Militia Island of Jersey, at his home in Samarès, St Clement.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/4/645

Date: May 23rd 1979 - May 23rd 1979

Photographer: Peter Mourant

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1979/645

Card sent by the Royal Militia of the Island of Jersey, Artillery, to W Picot of Beech Farm St. Johns warning him to attend at Queens Assembly Rooms at 10 am on Thursday the 30th of July 1914 to receive arms, clothing, and equipment on mobilization, it also warns him to provide his own blanket.

Reference: L/C/125/C39/2

Date: July 30th 1914 - July 30th 1914

Letter dated 04/10/1914 sent from Jessie C Deans of Lindisfarne, West Park Jersey, to W C [P] Picot of Beech Farm St John, wishing him luck before he is sent to the front

Reference: L/C/125/C39/3

Date: October 4th 1914 - October 4th 1914

Temporary commission appointing Walter Philip Picot to the rank of Second Lieutenant Land Forces, in the Royal Horse and Field Artillery

Reference: L/C/125/C39/4

Date: September 28th 1916 - September 28th 1916

Army book 349 [issued to every combatant officer below the rank of Lieutenant Colonel] containing details of the military career of Walter Philip Picot, also contains several loose papers including an order of release for Lieutenant W.P.Picot of St John Jersey dated 24/05/1919

Reference: L/C/125/C39/5

Date: May 24th 1919 - May 24th 1919

Papers of demobilization, transfer to the reserve or discharge, issued to Walter Philip Picot of Beech Farm St John informing him that he is released from his commission on completion of service stamped 23/05/1919 [document inside is dated 02/06/1921]

Reference: L/C/125/C39/6

Date: May 23rd 1919 - June 2nd 1921

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