Letter to Margaret Cregeen from Roy G Mourant, HMS Royal Arthur, Skegness, Lincolnshire, relating to the letter from Henry Cregeen smuggled out of Jersey dated 03/11/1944. Comments on situation in Jersey.

Reference: L/C/59/B/1

Date: February 1st 1945 - February 1st 1945

Letter from Henry Cregeen to Margaret Creegan smuggled out of Jersey by Roy Mourant on his escape in 1944. Confirms that Henry is well and hopes for an end to the war.

Reference: L/C/59/B/1a

Date: November 3rd 1944 - November 3rd 1944

Letter to Reverend E Lincoln Muishall, High Park Street, Liverpool, from E Williams. Dingle, Liverpool. Concerns the evils of gambling and the football pools.

Reference: L/C/59/B/2

Date: July 2nd 1945 - July 2nd 1945

Red Cross Message from Henry Cregeen, 2, Silvertide, Havre des Pas, Jersey, to Reverend J R (Russell) Pope, 18 Marmion Road, Liverpool, England. The message wishes well and a reply on the reverse returns the sentiment.

Reference: L/C/59/B/3

Date: July 5th 1941 - May 20th 1942

Excercise book (pages detached from cover) of Henry Cregeen originally used for mathematics and French work, later use by his mother Mrs Margaret Cregeen to keep a record of Red Cross messages and letters sent by her to various individuals. Also includes newscuttings regarding the Red Cross ship Vega, Channel Islanders waiting to be liberated, and the Reverend Samuel T House, a Methodist minister who preached a sermon at the age of 99.

Reference: L/C/59/B/4

Date: November 5th 1940 - May 8th 1945

Hilton Collection

Reference: L/C/76

Izett Croad Collection

Reference: L/C/77

Vitel Collection

Reference: L/C/94

Hunt Collection

Reference: L/C/96

Adye Collection

Reference: L/C/97

Thompson Collection

Reference: L/C/99

German Dinner Card

Reference: L/F/112

Papers of Tom Sweet

Reference: L/F/131

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