Letter Book of letters from and to Lieutenant Colonel Humfrey, Commander of the Royal Engineers and the Board of Ordnance [Indexed]

Reference: L/F/96/A/1

Date: August 14th 1809 - May 2nd 1810

Letter from Mr Cottrell to Field Marshal Sir George Howard concerning the application from Jersey for clothing for the Militia and supplies for the ordnance stores

Reference: L/F/97/M2/43

Date: April 4th 1796 - April 4th 1796

List of ordnance in Jersey reported from Privy Council

Reference: SP 15/9

Date: 1559 - 1559

Lists of ordnance in Jersey from Governor Robert Guibon

Reference: SP 18/130

Date: 1656 - 1656

Lists of ordnance in Jersey

Reference: SP 18/64

Date: 1653 - 1653

Statement of buildings used for ordnance in the Channel Islands

Reference: WO55/1550/2

Date: 1795 - 1795

Tables of munitions in Jersey

Reference: WO55/2605

Date: 1830 - 1830

Jersey Ordnance and Barrack Ordnance lands

Reference: WO55/2970

Date: 1851 - 1851

Perambulation report of the Ordnance Boundaries at Jersey, 30 September 1850

Reference: WO55/816

Date: 1850 - 1850

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