Francis II, Duke of Brittany's licence for publication throughout his dominions of the papal bull of neutrality in which Sixtius IV placed the Channel Islands under protection of the Church. Excommunication would be ordered on anyone molesting any Islanders either on land or sea within the sight of the Islands, and on all in authority who favoured such pirates

Reference: D/AP/Z/2

Date: 1484 - 1484

Article entitled 'Pope Alexander VI's Bull' compiled by Father Isherwood regarding the papal bull of 1499 that transferred the Channel Islands from the jurisdiction of Coutances to Winchester

Reference: H/B/E3/6

Date: 1972 - 1972

Article entitled 'More Papal Bulls!' regarding the papal bull of 1400 passing the Channel Islands from jurisdiction of the Bishop of Coutances to Nantes. Article entitled 'The Channel Islands' Privilege of Neutrality' by Father Isherwood about the grant made by Pope Sixtus IV to Edward IV in 1483 and an index of articles for the Jersey Catholic Record from 1973-1976

Reference: H/B/E3/7

Date: 1972 - 1976

Papal Documents

Reference: H/F/B12

Series of Papal letters

Reference: H/F/B12/1

Date: 1865 - 1929

Charge by the Commissioner of sanitation in the Civitavecchia [Vatican?] to Captain Gruchy

Reference: L/C/119/C/2

Date: August 19th 1835 - August 19th 1835

Photographic slide of a map showing Papal influence in Europe, 1198-1216

Reference: P/09/A/1777

Date: 1970 - 1990

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