Letter from the Constable of St Martin, George Sohier asking the French authorities to allow Philippe Amy to pass freely through French territory

Reference: L/C/112/B12/10

Date: June 11th 1848

Passport for Philippe Amy and his son Frédéric, aged 16 to travel to France, includes personal details of Philippe and signature

Reference: L/C/112/B9/13

Date: October 16th 1854

Passport issued to Edward de La Taste for travel in France

Reference: L/C/12/H3/12

Date: 1817 - 1831


Reference: L/C/139/C1

Passport of Alwyn Ethel Deslandes aged 8. Gives personal details and a black and white photographic print

Reference: L/C/139/C1/1

Date: September 25th 1917 - September 25th 1917

Emergency passport certifying that Catherine Allchin is a British Subject and allowing her to travel to the Channel Islands accompanied by one child under 16. Stamped by the Jersey Immigration Department on 23 August 1945. Includes a photograph.

Reference: L/C/194/A/8

Date: June 30th 1945 - June 30th 1945

Document issued by His Excellency Major-General Hugh Mackay Gordon Lieutenant Governor of Jersey to Abraham Ahier aged 18. granting him protection and assistance when travelling through France in the period after the Napoleonic wars. Contains details of age, height and complexion.

Reference: L/C/226/C1/1

Date: September 10th 1816 - September 10th 1816

Certificate issued by the Controller of the Visa Branch, Political Division in Vienna confirming that Karl Greier will be issued with a valid passport, exit visa and a return visa valid for four months for the purpose of accepting work in the United Kingdom.

Reference: L/C/258/B/11

Date: January 7th 1948 - January 7th 1948

Letter from A Journeaux for the Chief Aliens Officer to Mr Charles W Leader, 3 The Terrace, Grosvenor Street, St Helier informing him that a permit had been granted to Karl Greier, an Austrian subject, to be employed by Mr Leader as a ladies' hairdresser for a period of twelve months.

Reference: L/C/258/B/9

Date: November 3rd 1947 - November 3rd 1947

Notification by the Foreigners and Passport Service in Cannes of an administrative decision by the State Councilor of Alpes-Maritimes regarding a residence permit for Madeline Norman for Goncelin in Isère.

Reference: L/C/319/B1/3

Date: April 14th 1942 - April 14th 1942

Photocopy of the pass for Charles Dolbel to travel from La Havre to Cherbourg

Reference: L/C/60/E5/8

Date: June 12th 1806 - June 12th 1806

Passport of Captain Charles Pipon and his wife allowing them entry to Italy

Reference: L/C/91/B5/3

Date: September 20th 1830 - September 20th 1830

Personal documents from during and after the war including a Britsh Army Book 64, Soldier's Service and Pay Book including a discharge certificate belonging to Ian Harry Fife, a Deutsches Reich Arbeitsbuch [employment book] belonging to Johann Papke and a Bundesrepubik Deutschland Reisepass [passport] belonging to Phoebe Alice Resch.

Reference: L/D/25/D2/7

Date: February 12th 1941 - May 10th 1952

Photocopy of passport belonging to Francis Cawley, his wife Alice Cawley and a list of their 5 children

Reference: L/F/05/A/8

Date: September 6th 1916 - September 6th 1916

Letter from B M Tuck of the War Office in Whitehall to H Noel of 102 Castle Stree, Bolton, Lancashire, informing him that if he wishes to return to Jersey he should apply to the Passport and Permit Office.

Reference: L/F/147/2

Date: July 31st 1945 - July 31st 1945

Passport of H J Stanley

Reference: L/F/182


Reference: L/F/182/A

Passport of H J Stanley signed by John Ralph Millbanke envoy to HM requesting that all friends and allies allow Mr Stanley and his baggage to pass without hinderance

Reference: L/F/182/A/1

Date: September 2nd 1846 - September 6th 1846

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