Transcript of certificate of George Carteret for expenditure for the period 1646-1650, arising from a lease and grant (with tithes of corn in St Saviour) by Sir Thomas Jermyn, former Governor of Jersey. Endorsed with acknowledgment of Osmund Cooke, Paymaster of the Royal Garrison in Jersey, of receipt of 48,000 livres for 'the paye and entertainment of His Majesties new garrisons'

Reference: D/AL/A/1/8

Date: June 12th 1652 - June 12th 1652

Testament of William Henry Le Brun, Paymaster Captain in his Majestys Navy, now retired. Dated 20 May 1941. Codicil added 16 September 1941

Reference: D/Y/A/109/25

Date: February 4th 1942 - February 4th 1942

Will and testament of Henry Dean of St Helier, paymaster of the Royal Navy. Dated 6/3/1859.

Reference: D/Y/A/31/40

Date: October 6th 1862 - October 6th 1862

Will and Testament of James Bland of Aberdeen, late captain of the First Royal Regiment, now paymaster of the Royal Aberdeenshire Militia. Dated 05/02/1856.

Reference: D/Y/A/35/82

Date: December 29th 1870 - December 29th 1870

Letter from William Nunn to the Paymaster General of His Majesty's Land Forces

Reference: L/F/08/H/46

Date: September 5th 1824 - September 5th 1824

Printed copy of the defence of George Weston, Paymaster of the 2nd Battalion 96th Regiment, at his Court Martial

Reference: L/F/22/L/37

Date: January 31st 1812 - January 31st 1812

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