Minutes of a meeting of the Department of Finance concerning advances made to pensions by banks

Reference: B/A/L30/5

Date: June 4th 1945 - June 4th 1945

Correspondence with the Office of the High Commissioner for Southern Rhodesia, W Beare concerning pensions

Reference: B/A/L30/6

Date: June 13th 1945 - June 28th 1945

Enquiry from the Ministry of National Insurance, Scotland into the pension of Elizabeth Turner, Holborn House, St Aubin

Reference: B/A/L30/9

Date: July 11th 1945 - July 23rd 1945

Correspondence and papers relating to the Personal Injuries Civilians Scheme including correspondence with Ministry of Pensions concerning compensation for death or injury resulting from war operations overseas or detention in enemy territory and Act of Social Assurance Committee, 1946

Reference: B/A/W21/1

Date: November 1st 1939 - January 27th 1947

Claim for personal injuries by Mr C A Faramus interned in Buchenwald and Mauthausen

Reference: B/A/W21/12

Date: December 23rd 1948 - May 10th 1949

Minutes of the States of Jersey, 30/11/1942. Department of Finance and Economics recommendations. Adoption of laws re. parish rates, medical practitioners, and triennial regulations.

Reference: B/A/W34/12

Date: November 30th 1942 - November 30th 1942

Correspondence re. Miss Greene's letter about the Royal United Kingdom Beneficent Association.

Reference: B/A/W36/1

Date: July 17th 1940 - July 17th 1940

Percival T Hills of 42, Don Road, St Helier's need for specialist medicine daily.

Reference: B/A/W36/2

Date: July 17th 1940 - August 9th 1940

Details of States of Guernsey Officials and their Departments - not dated

Reference: B/A/W45/14

Date: 1941 - 1942

Allowances for dependants of British Service men, enquiry from Mrs Gracie May Vasse, 5, Brook Cottages, Ann Street, St Helier, later of 3, Field View Villas, First Tower, St Helier, who has received payments from the Howard Davis War Fund and the States of Jersey. See also B/A/W84

Reference: B/A/W49/10

Date: July 21st 1942 - August 5th 1942

Correspondence and papers relating to the compensation of officers and seamen of the mercantile marine. Includes copies of legislation relating to pensions and compensation and lists of those compensated for being on board the 'Salvestria'.

Reference: B/A/W7/4

Date: October 13th 1939 - November 5th 1951

Correspondence re. the financial assistance given to the French Consul by the Department of Finance, includes details of payments. Payment of pensions to French subjects by the States of Jersey on behalf of the French Government - repayment of money by the French Government

Reference: B/A/W83/1

Date: August 2nd 1940 - June 12th 1948

Papers relating to the payment of French pensions and Military Allowances by the States of Jersey after the closure of the French Consul in 1940, includes; Tables of pensions, Table of conversion - francs to sterling Lists of demobilised Frenchmen, those eligible for a military allowances, widows of military men, and all military allocations and pensions paid from Dec 1940 - March 1941 - lists includes names and addresses of beneficiaries. This file was found in 1998 in a piece of furniture from the French Consul it has been added to the list of Bailiff's files

Reference: B/A/W83/2

Date: October 1st 1940 - March 31st 1941

Correspondence with the States of Guernsey relating to the payment of pensions by the States of Jersey to servicemen, women and their dependants

Reference: B/A/W84/1

Date: September 2nd 1943 - September 17th 1943

Correspondence file concerning Church legislation, includes Clergy pensions

Reference: B/D/A/C5/A

Date: April 6th 1934 - August 15th 1973

Bailiffs correspondence file regarding pensions [folder contains multiple files catalogued individually]

Reference: B/D/A/M7 (931)

Date: April 3rd 2001 - April 3rd 2001

States Assembly Hansard Official Report includes Esplanade Quarter, St. Helier: Masterplan (P.60/2008), Draft Non-Profit Organizations (Jersey) Law 200- (P.63/2008), statement in relation to legal action concerning the proposed developer of the Esplanade Quarter, St. Helier and Public Employees Contributory Retirement Scheme: Committee of Management – appointment of Chairman (P.69/2008).

Reference: C/A12/102

Date: June 5th 2008 - June 5th 2008

States Assembly Hansard Official Report includes Woolworths Employees: Redundancy Payments (P.2/2009) and amendments, Ratification of the Agreement for the Exchange of Information Relating to Tax Matters between the Federal Republic of Germany and the States of Jersey (P.171/2008), Draft Taxation (Exchange of Information with Third Countries) (Amendment) (Jersey) Regulations (P.172/2008), Draft Protection of Children (Restriction on Supply of Goods) (Jersey) Law(P.175/2008), Draft Public Employees (Contributory Retirement Scheme) (Existing Members) (Amendment No. 10) (Jersey) Regulations (P.176/2008), Draft Public Employees (Contributory Retirement Scheme) (Existing Members) (Amendment No. 10) (Jersey) Regulations 200- (P.177/2008), Planning Applications Panel: appointment of members (P.183/2008), Jersey Overseas Aid Commission: appointment of non-States Commissioner (P.3/2009), Jersey Financial Services Commission: appointment of Commissioners (P.4/2009), Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police: review of procedure regarding suspension (P.182/2008) and arrangement of public business for future meetings.

Reference: C/A12/137

Date: January 21st 2009 - January 21st 2009

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