Letter from Philip Pipon to Lord de Carteret concerning the payment of a pension to the Seigneur of Vincheles - not dated

Reference: L/C/67/C2/24

Date: 1710 - 1720


Reference: L/D/39/C1/C

Date: 1928 - 1954

Scheme Book No 1 of the Trinity and St Martin's District Nursing Association relating to the Federated Superannuation Scheme for Nurses and Hospital Officers (Contributory). Includes signatures of members who have signed pension agreements.

Reference: L/D/39/C1/C/1

Date: January 15th 1935 - August 21st 1945

Naval and Military War Pesnisons Committee Minute Book, 1919-1923

Reference: L/D/67/A3/1

Date: February 7th 1919 - September 7th 1923

Printed report into pensions

Reference: L/F/114/A4/2

Date: 1922 - 1922

Stateswide Magazine-No 8, September 1992-includes articles on the Chief Officer of the Personnel Department, Tom Machin, the States Pension Scheme and a day in the life of André Militis and Maria Boléat, who artificially inseminate cows for the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Reference: L/F/200/A/8

Date: September 1st 1992 - September 1st 1992

Old Age Pension claim acceptance form. Wiliam Le Grand is provisionally allowed a pension from the city of Liverpool

Reference: L/F/47/A/16

Date: June 10th 1918 - June 10th 1918

Accord de Douaire relating to the rights of Elizabeth Anthoine widow of Philippe Amy of the first party and Philippe du Parcq Amy principal heir to the succession of the said Philippe Amy his grandfather of the second party and John Amy procureur of William Raulin Amy of the third party the said John Amy is procureur of Henry Amy of the fourth party and curateur of Anthoine Amy of the fifth party and Elizabeth Amy his wife of the sixth party Ann Amy of the seventh party, Jane Susan Amy of the eighth party, Thomas Labey is procureur of George Helier Labey and and Julia Amy his wife of the ninth party. Parties 2 to 9 are younger children of the said late Philippe Amy and co-heirs to his succession. The following accord lays out the rights of the said Elizabeth Anthoine including the rooms in the family home that will be hers and the land to which she will be entitled, the right to use the pump and the bake house. The said parties agree to provide a pension of £40 annually togeth with other monies due from each party, signed and agreed by all parties. The document also includes 4 receipts for payment of pension to Elizabeth Anthoine

Reference: L/F/500/A1/10

Date: 1885 - 1888

Papers addressed to Miss L M Finch, Dispensary and Infirmary, Jersey relating to the Federated Superannuation Scheme for Nurses and Hospital Officers (Contributory), Greenacre, Sutton Lane, Banstead, Surrey

Reference: L/F/58/F/8

Date: January 17th 1940 - January 17th 1940

Bail a fin d heritages between Charles Chevalier son of Jean of the first party and Charles Chevalier son of Charles of the second party. Records the lease in perpetuity from 1 to 2 of all moveable and immovable property received as heritage on the condition that the said Charles Chevalier pays all due seignurial rights and the payment of an annual pension of £10 to paid quarterly: Registered Livre 273 folio 266

Reference: L/F/615/A2/48

Date: August 7th 1880 - August 7th 1880

Letter from HM Treasury to Mrs Justine Le Sueur of St Helier awarding her a widow's pension

Reference: L/F/76/B/7

Date: October 9th 1829 - October 9th 1829

Note that it is the wish of Francis Perrot that Mary Knight be given a pension

Reference: L/F/76/F/16

Date: May 19th 1841 - May 19th 1841

Thelma Emberson (Pay Roll and Pensions Supervisor) and George Telford (Wages Clerk) working in the Wages and Pensions office of the Education department.

Reference: P/03/B15/20

Date: February 23rd 2000 - February 23rd 2000

Jeanete Bougeard (pensions advisor) with Mrs Winifred Lowe in the Pensions Section of the Employment and Social Security Department.

Reference: P/03/B24/17

Date: May 12th 2000 - May 12th 2000

Treasury Department. Sue Wheeler, cashier with Mr H Matthews who is collecting an occupational pension.

Reference: p/03/b249/5

Date: November 3rd 2000 - November 3rd 2000

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