Nicolle Petition, 1843

Reference: L/F/06

Petition addressed to A Edouard Nicolle, Jure-Justicier, against his decision to retire on the grounds of ill-health signed by the electors of each parish.

Reference: L/F/06/1

Date: September 1st 1843 - September 1st 1843

Petition to the Prince of Wales [Later Charles II] signed by 16 signatories assuring him of their loyalty to him. (Not dated)

Reference: L/F/08/H/3

Date: 1648 - 1649

Petition from and corresponding Royal Grant to Sir George Carteret allowing him to hold Courts in the Fief of Handois, St Lawrence

Reference: L/F/101/A/9/4

Date: June 19th 1662 - September 25th 1662

Extract from the Royal Court of an Order in Council in response to the petition of Joshuah Payne, Merchant concerning 50 tunns of cider which Payne had imported into the port of London which was seized despite the exemption of Jersey paying customs excise or other duties. The Order in Council states that inhabitants of the Channel Island are free to import cider or perry to any port or city in England or Wales

Reference: L/F/102/A/1

Date: January 27th 1676 - January 27th 1676

Extract from the Royal Court concerning an Order in Council relating to the petition of Philip Le Geyt HM Procureur in Jersey against John Durell HM Advocate General - the petition is dismissed

Reference: L/F/102/A/10

Date: October 17th 1713 - October 17th 1713

Memorial from David Patriarche, agent appointed by several inhabitants of Jersey from whose estates rents are payable to HM to General Conway, Governor of Jersey. States that several of the petitioners are owners of Corn Mills and due to HM considerable amounts of wheat rente, that other petitioners are land owners who are also due to HM wheat rentes, and that for persons not able to pay the rente the sum of money they must pay instead is decided outside the Royal Court. Requests that a fixed price per quartier be established by the Royal Court

Reference: L/F/102/A/13

Date: 1776 - 1776

Order in Council concerning the petition of Matthew Gosset, Viscount of Jersey concerning the payment of a salary to the Viscount - the Privy Council agrees to grant an allowance of £100 to Matthew Gosset. Includes a covering letter

Reference: L/F/102/A/28

Date: June 3rd 1799 - June 26th 1799

Volume of correspondence concerning the administration of Sir George Howard and Marquis George Townshend as Governors of Jersey. Includes; letter from Philip Fall, Lieutenant Governor of congratulations to Sir George Howard on becoming Governor of Jersey, several additional letters by or on behalf of Fall excusing his absence from the post of Lieutenant Governor on the grounds of ill health, correspondence with Major General Gordon concerning the state of the militia in Jersey, the commanders of the regiments, clothing and arms for the Militia, correspondence relating to plans for the building of a tower on a rock called Le Rocco in St Ouen's Bay to the design of Colonel Evelegh, appointment and salary of the Chaplain of Jersey to place him on an 'equal footing with that of Guernsey', petition from Joshua Le Quesne, Bankrupt Merchant to Sir George Howard asking for 'charitable succour' - he includes a list of persons who have already given him money , including Sir George's predecessor, petition from Francis Le Breton, Dean of Jersey to Sir George Howard asking him to use 'Your high influence in my behalf to obtain a place of Cadet at Woolwich for my son Edward Le Breton' petition from Philippe d'Auvergne, Prince of Bouillon, Commanding HM Navy at Jersey concerning the signature of the forms for the 'Inhabitants of this Island to export wool from Southampton', letter from Robert Brownrigg, on behalf of the Duke of York appointing Townshend as Governor of Jersey, letter signed by Townshend accepting the appointment 'I cannot omit expressing how much I feel my obligations to your Royal Highness for the honour of your recommendation', letters of congratulations to Townshend on his appointment and requesting posts or patronage, draft letter from Townshend to the States of Jersey on his appointment as Governor of Jersey also includes a response from Thomas Pipon as President of the States and receipt for the fees paid by Townshend on taking the oath on his appointment as Governor of Jersey - the amount paid was £21 6 shillings.

Reference: L/F/106/A/1

Date: July 27th 1795 - December 16th 1796

Volume of correspondence concerning the administration of Marquis George Townshend as Governor of Jersey. Includes; structure of the Invalid Companies stationed in Jersey, report of agents from Brest concerning an expedition to Ireland headed by General Hocke from Major General Gordon, letter from James Pipon concerning a new burial ground in St Brelade with draft reply, correspondence concerning the Receiver General and collection of tithes with account of Townshend with James Pipon and John Dumaresq, correspondence regarding signature of wool certificates, notice of the death of Philip Fall, Lieutenant Governor and correspondence regarding his replacement, letter from Thomas Pipon concerning the allowance of potatoes given to soldiers instead of flour also contains information concerning the amount of cod from Newfoundland in the Island which could be used for the troops, secret letter from Major General Gordon - 'I have the honour to forward for your Lordship information extracts from the secret intelligence from the coast of France and which have already been conveyed to HM Ministers by the Prince of Bouillon' to reduce the threat of invasion he would like to see 'a moving Naval Force attached to the service of these Islands', information from France on the building of French ships, the Death of Doctor Heriot, Surgeon to the Garrison and Head of Medical Department, two Jersey Cows to be sent to Townshend and two French privateers seen off Jersey in June 1797

Reference: L/F/106/A/2

Grenville Petition

Reference: L/F/14

Petition of Richard Grenville Temple and George Grenville to King George II relating to revenues owed to the late Governor of Jersey Lord Cobham.

Reference: L/F/14/1

Date: 1700 - 1749

Printed copy of petition from the people of Jersey to the King concerning the import and export of foodstuffs

Reference: L/F/22/B/6

Date: 1770 - 1770

Draft petition of the inhabitants of St Helier to the Prince Regent relating to the importation of cider

Reference: L/F/22/B/9

Date: 1819 - 1819

Extracts from the Acts of the States relating to a petition presented to the Lieutenant-Governor Howard concerning the privileges of the Island

Reference: L/F/22/F/6

Date: 1730 - 1730

Copy of petition from the States of Jersey to the Prince Regent for the enclosure of common lands

Reference: L/F/22/G/2

Date: September 14th 1812 - September 14th 1812

Copy of petitions from the inhabitants of the Vingtaine of St Nicholas in St Peter to the Prince Regent concerning common rights on the marsh and their possible alienation

Reference: L/F/22/G/3

Date: 1813 - 1813

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