Digital copy of Looked After Children procedures. Produced by Children's Services.

Reference: C/D/AW10/WD009220

Date: August 1st 2005 - August 30th 2005

Digital copy of the Admissions Policy for Brig-y-don House. Undated, c. 2010 to 2016.

Reference: C/D/AW10/WD009223

Date: 2010 - 2016

Digital copy of the Statement of Purpose and Function of the Leaving Care Team/16 Plus, Community and Social Services. Undated, c. February 2013.

Reference: C/D/AW10/WD009224

Date: February 1st 2013 - February 28th 2013

Digital copy of the Adoption Policies and Procedure. Produced by Children's Services. [Some details redacted].

Reference: C/D/AW10/WD009226

Date: April 1st 2003 - April 30th 2003

Digital copy of Report titled Complaints Procedure - Summary. [Some details redacted]. Undated, c. 2000 to 2016.

Reference: C/D/AW10/WD009227

Date: 2000 - 2016

Digital copy of Report titled Complex Case Planning. [Some details redacted].

Reference: C/D/AW10/WD009228

Date: April 26th 2013 - April 26th 2013

Digital copy of Safeguarding Policies - an overview. Produced by Education, Sport and Culture.

Reference: C/D/AW10/WD009235

Date: March 1st 2013 - March 31st 2013

Digital copy of a Quarterly Report produced ahead of a CPG [Children's Policy Group] by Chairperson of the Board of Visitors, Sheila Warren. [Some details redacted].

Reference: C/D/AW10/WD009237

Date: July 16th 2012 - July 16th 2012

Digital copy of an Update on Policy Changes with regards to Children Missing from Care, as produced by DCI [Detective Chief Inspector] Alison Fossey of the States of Jersey. Undated, c. 27 July 2012.

Reference: C/D/AW10/WD009238

Date: July 27th 2012 - July 27th 2012

Digital copy of Voice of the Child Audit, as produced by Heidi Sydor of the Jersey Child Protection Committee. [Some details redacted]. Undated, c. 24 August 2012.

Reference: C/D/AW10/WD009239

Date: August 24th 2012 - August 24th 2012

Digital copy of a Problem Profile on a child born in 1998 described as a persistent missing person. Produced by Julian Boleat. [Some details redacted].

Reference: C/D/AW10/WD009240

Date: December 5th 2012 - December 5th 2012

Digital copy of Looked After Children procedures. Version 4. Produced by Children's Services.

Reference: C/D/AW10/WD009243

Date: February 1st 2010 - February 28th 2010

Digital copy of Jersey Child Protection Committee Multi-Agency Child Protection Procedures. Produced by Jersey Child Protection Committee Professional Officer Cathy Philips.

Reference: C/D/AW10/WD009244

Date: February 25th 2011 - February 25th 2011

Digital copy of Child Protection Policy and Guidance. Produced by Brenda Cochrane for the Education Sport and Culture Department. [Some details redacted].

Reference: C/D/AW10/WD009245

Date: August 19th 2009 - August 19th 2009

Digital copy of a Behaviour Management Policy in respect of La Préférence Children's Centre. Undated, c. 16 June 2010.

Reference: C/D/AW10/WD009251

Date: June 16th 2010 - June 16th 2010

Digital copy of Document titled Behaviour management plan; Heathfield [Children's Home]. Produced by Kevin Parr-Burman.

Reference: C/D/AW10/WD009252

Date: September 27th 2005 - September 27th 2005

Digital copy of a Document setting out the policy and procedures at Greenfields Centre regarding physical restraint and the reporting of physical restraint. Undated, c. 2006.

Reference: C/D/AW10/WD009253

Date: 2006 - 2006

Digital copy of Child Exploitation Policy and Procedures. Produced by the Child Sexual Exploitation and Missing Persons Sub Group for the Safeguarding Partnership Group Board. [Some details redacted].

Reference: C/D/AW10/WD009311

Date: April 7th 2014 - April 7th 2014

Digital copy of Guidance for the Safe Recruitment, Selection and Retention for Staff and Volunteers. [Some details redacted].

Reference: C/D/AW10/WD009312

Date: November 4th 2014 - November 4th 2014

Digital copy of a Memorandum from the Attorney General [William Bailhache] to Policy Adviser at the Chief Minister's Department Jeremy Harris on the subject of Access to the Criminal Records Bureau. [Some details redacted].

Reference: C/D/AW10/WD009313

Date: October 23rd 2006 - October 23rd 2006

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