Death certificate of James Matthew Thibault

Reference: J/H/C1/49

Date: October 24th 1945 - October 24th 1945

Death certificate of Esther Picot, widow of Theophile Norman and John Tessier

Reference: J/H/C1/5

Date: February 12th 1939 - February 12th 1939

Death certificate of Annie Pinel Le Brun, widow of Alfred Jacob Copp

Reference: J/H/C1/50

Date: January 1st 1946 - January 1st 1946

Death certificate of Mary Ann May Bates, widow of Tom Feltham

Reference: J/H/C1/51

Date: February 9th 1946 - February 9th 1946

Death certificate of Hannah Clara Galodé, widow of Clement Buesnel

Reference: J/H/C1/52

Date: March 1st 1946 - March 1st 1946

Death certificate of Robert Barnes

Reference: J/H/C1/53

Date: March 17th 1946 - March 17th 1946

Death certificate of Thomas Charles Foster

Reference: J/H/C1/54

Date: April 8th 1946 - April 8th 1946

Death certificate of Maud Mary Grant, widow of Thomas William Wheatley

Reference: J/H/C1/55

Date: November 3rd 1946 - November 3rd 1946

Death certificate of Annie Bain, wife of Arthur Fitzroy Tarr

Reference: J/H/C1/56

Date: November 26th 1946 - November 26th 1946

Death certificate of Alfred Henry Coates

Reference: J/H/C1/57

Date: January 8th 1947 - January 8th 1947

Death certificate of Thomas Cairns

Reference: J/H/C1/58

Date: February 12th 1947 - February 12th 1947

Death certificate of Lydia Pinel Le Brun

Reference: J/H/C1/59

Date: March 1st 1947 - March 1st 1947

Death certificate of Peter Gillies

Reference: J/H/C1/6

Date: July 9th 1939 - July 9th 1939

Death certificate of Helena Jane Le Sueur, widow of George Charles Croad and Thomas George Gaudin

Reference: J/H/C1/60

Date: June 4th 1947 - June 4th 1947

Death certificate of David Martin Balston

Reference: J/H/C1/61

Date: November 23rd 1947 - November 23rd 1947

Death certificate of George John Le Mercier

Reference: J/H/C1/62

Date: January 24th 1948 - January 24th 1948

Death certificate of Lilian Jane Alexandrina Le Cornu

Reference: J/H/C1/63

Date: June 10th 1949 - June 10th 1949

Death certificate of John Robert Marie

Reference: J/H/C1/7

Date: October 12th 1939 - October 12th 1939

Death certificate of Isabella Leigh, widow of William Herbert Croad

Reference: J/H/C1/8

Date: January 17th 1940 - January 17th 1940

Death certificate of Mary Frances Scott

Reference: J/H/C1/9

Date: February 17th 1940 - February 17th 1940

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