Newspaper reports about the annual prizegiving Miss MEM Caurel of St Clement won the top prize

Reference: D/AN/L6/6

Date: 1968 - 1968

Newspaper reports about the annual prizegiving

Reference: D/AN/L6/7

Date: 1969 - 1969

Newspaper reports about the annual prizegiving

Reference: D/AN/L6/8

Date: 1963 - 1963

Newspaper reports about the annual prizegiving

Reference: D/AN/L6/9

Date: 1969 - 1969

The OECD Harmful Tax Competition Initiative and the OECD List of 'Uncooperative Jurisdictions' [Copy of a presentation] and, Towards Global Tax Co-operation: Progress in Identifying and Eliminating Harmful Tax Practices [Copy of report]

Reference: D/G/A1/50/3A/1

Date: 2000 - 2000

Item E9 from Box E/8 Other Jurisdictions: United Kingdom and Isles. Filing of the Review Panel on the Machinery of Government [Clothier Panel]. Conference 2000: the Future Government and the Position of Guernsey, St Pierre Park Hotel. The Contemporary Experience of the Isle of Man. A presentation given by the Clerk of the Tynwald, Includes sections regarding: parliamentary structure, reforms, the appointment of ministers, and collective responsibility

Reference: D/G/A5/8/9

Date: March 11th 2000 - April 9th 2000

File containing a copy of The Island Plan 1984: Brief and Programme for the presentation of the Jersey Island Plan

Reference: D/G/A8/3/6

Date: 1981-11 - December 2nd 1981

File containing a copy of a report and Presentation entitled States of Jersey Proposal for the States Building and Adjacent Site

Reference: D/G/A8/8/3

Date: March 21st 1989 - March 21st 1989

File containing a copy of a report entitled States of Jersey Property Management Services Presentation Document

Reference: D/G/A8/8/5

Date: 1990-07 - 1990-07

File relating to Human Resource Management (HRM). Includes correspondence concerning human resource strategy, departments, the HR Strategy Group, facilitation, the Chief Officers' Policy Group, Focus Group, and the public sector. Also includes Civil Service College presentations on HRM, structure and process, a report regarding the Education Service, meeting agenda, minutes and report of the HRM Strategy Working Group, HR Strategy Team meeting minutes, presentation slides, Committee Acts, and a copy of the States of Jersey Human Resource Strategy "Developing people to serve the public"

Reference: D/G/A9/4/5

Date: April 8th 1997 - July 4th 2001

Audio Tapes

Reference: D/G/C12

Numbered Audio Tapes

Reference: D/G/C12/1

Audio Tape. No. 20 [not dated]

Reference: D/G/C12/1/1

Audio Tape. No. 45 [not dated]

Reference: D/G/C12/1/10

Audio Tape. No. 47 [not dated]

Reference: D/G/C12/1/11

Audio Tape. No. 48 [not dated]

Reference: D/G/C12/1/12

Audio Tape. No. 50 [not dated]

Reference: D/G/C12/1/13

Audio Tape. No. 51 [not dated]

Reference: D/G/C12/1/14

Audio Tape. No. 23 [not dated]

Reference: D/G/C12/1/3

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