Correspondence with the Home Office concerning wireless and meteorological facilities in the Channel Islands

Reference: A/D1/A3/10

Date: January 1st 1936 - June 12th 1937

Correspondence and papers relating to buoys and beacons around Jersey. Includes; Grand Anquette Beacon, 1858 - 1939, the installation of radio beacons at Corbiere lighthouse, 1873 - 1946, and agreement for the unification of buoyage and lighting of coasts, 1936

Reference: A/D1/B18

Date: August 5th 1858 - February 20th 1984

Correspondence and acts relating to communications. Includes; telegraphs, telephones, wirelesses and televisions

Reference: A/D1/C7

Date: February 2nd 1870 - January 3rd 1953

Copies of the acts of World Radio Conferences

Reference: A/D1/R13/7

Date: August 21st 1975 - July 8th 1985

Installation of wirelesses on mailboats

Reference: A/E/8/10

Date: January 11th 1917 - June 23rd 1917

Papers relating to the Register of Wireless sets drawn up by German Order by the Rehabilitation Committee

Reference: B/A/L10/12

Date: November 26th 1945 - December 3rd 1945

Papers relating to a claim for a HMV radiogram from J G Nickels, 25, Pierson Road, St Helier

Reference: B/A/L10/35

Date: November 27th 1946 - December 16th 1946

Papers relating to a claim for a Rover Car, gun and wireless set from Alexander Wilson, Villa Isis Hotel, 87, Don Road, St Helier

Reference: B/A/L10/36

Date: November 28th 1946 - January 23rd 1947

Correspondence concerning Mr Styles' missing wireless set

Reference: B/A/L11/35

Date: July 4th 1946 - July 5th 1946

Correspondence concerning legislation on wireless sets, includes a copy of the Emergency Powers (Defence) Post Office - Wireless statutory rules and orders

Reference: B/A/L34/2

Date: August 8th 1945 - August 14th 1945

General papers regarding the disposal of immovable property Includes; Minutes of a meeting at La Collette House - appendices of supplies/property in stores, supply depot at Beaumont, and the German Hut at Peoples Park

Reference: B/A/L4/3/1

Date: September 4th 1945 - January 22nd 1947

Defence (Channel Islands) Regulations 1944 - Wireless Telegraphy (Channel Islands) Order

Reference: B/A/L6/9

Date: May 14th 1945 - May 19th 1945

Papers relating to the Order for the confiscation of wireless sets

Reference: B/A/W30/23

Date: November 11th 1940 - January 2nd 1941

Papers relating to Order prohibiting built-in wireless sets in civilian motor vehicles

Reference: B/A/W30/57

Date: July 10th 1941 - July 25th 1941

Order relating to the withdrawal of Jewish wireless sets with related papers

Reference: B/A/W30/66

Date: August 22nd 1941 - March 13th 1942

Order and Registration concerning the training of wireless operators

Reference: B/A/W30/86

Date: April 7th 1942 - May 9th 1942

Registration and notice of order concerning the registration of wireless sets

Reference: B/A/W30/90

Date: May 12th 1942 - May 13th 1942

Papers relating to the order to surrender wireless sets

Reference: B/A/W30/94

Date: June 6th 1942 - October 24th 1943

Requisition of 53 wireless sets

Reference: B/A/W40/11/1

Date: December 31st 1940 - January 6th 1941

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