Papers relating to the case of Joseph Pithois, Rector of St Clement

Reference: 21M65/J1/2/D

Date: 1686 - 1687

Remonstrance of the Dean of Jersey against the Rector of St Mary

Reference: 21M65/J1/4/C

Date: 1788 - 1788

The living of St Clement's, Jersey

Reference: 21M65/J1/4/D

Date: 1791 - 1791

Papers concerning the case against M. Dupre becoming Rector of St John, Jersey

Reference: 21M65/J1/5/B

Date: 1810 - 1810

Appeal to Bishop Willis to institute Francis de Durette as Rector of Trinity, Jersey, 15 December

Reference: 21M65/J1/7/27

Date: 1724 - 1724

Notice to Bishop Willis of induction of Francis de Durette as Rector of Trinity, Jersey, 5 February

Reference: 21M65/J1/7/29

Date: 1725 - 1725

Letter to Bishop Willis from the magnates of Jersey concerning de Durette, 28 March

Reference: 21M65/J1/7/37

Date: 1729 - 1729

Petition to Bishop Willis to institute P. Joubaire to Trinity, Jersey, 31 August

Reference: 21M65/J1/7/38

Date: 1729 - 1729

Bishop Willis' instrument of institution of P Joubaire to Trinity, Jersey

Reference: 21M65/J1/7/42

Date: 1730 - 1730

Letter to Bishop Hoadly from the Rector of St Brelade concerning St Aubin services, 20 January

Reference: 21M65/J1/7/43

Date: 1749 - 1749

Letters to Bishop Hoadly and others from Daniel Tapin concerning his case

Reference: 21M65/J1/7/51

Date: 1753 - 1753

Certificate of the Rector of St Helier for Adrien Lainé, 16 October

Reference: 21M65/J1/7/54

Date: 1764 - 1764

Resignation of Francis Le Couteur from St Martin's, Jersey, 17 December

Reference: 21M65/J1/7/57

Date: 1787 - 1787

Correspondence and papers relating to the appointment of incumbents to vacant Jersey rectories

Reference: 249M87/32

Date: 1933 - 1939

Copy letter from Philip Filleul, Rector of St Helier to Colonel Rowney protesting about [Reverend] C H Bateman's appointment as Military Chaplain and officiating at the troops Sunday service

Reference: A/C2/13/15

Date: August 5th 1870 - August 5th 1870

Letter from Mr Filleul, St Helier Rectory to Major General Guy expressing his satisfaction at the appointment of his Curate Mr Williams by the War Office to officiate to the troops at Fort Regent and Elizabeth Castle

Reference: A/C2/13/39

Date: December 22nd 1870 - December 22nd 1870

Letter from H S Gough Lieutenant Governor to the Rev Mr Luce St Saviour's Rectory, St Saviour enclosed with a draft Report from a Sub-Committee which is proposed to be made into the Finance Law, approval from the Governor of the contents of the Report from the Militia point of view

Reference: A/C2/41/35

Date: May 25th 1905 - May 25th 1905

Correspondence and applications for Rectorships includes papers relating to rector's grants

Reference: A/D1/R11/1

Date: October 1st 1877 - October 8th 1897

Correspondence relating to the fitness of a rector to continue in his living

Reference: A/D1/R11/19

Date: September 27th 1955 - March 10th 1960

Correspondence and applications for Rectorships

Reference: A/D1/R11/2

Date: December 24th 1897 - December 2nd 1937

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