National registration arrangements after the decontrol of passenger movement between UK and the Channel Islands

Reference: B/A/W26/1

Date: March 19th 1940 - May 14th 1940

Papers relating to the Order for all male British Subjects between the ages of 18 and 35 to register

Reference: B/A/W30/15

Date: October 12th 1940 - November 1st 1940

Orders against the Jews includes; copies of the printed Orders by the Military Government of occupied France relating to measures against the Jews, correspondence with Attorney General - Charles Duret-Aubin and Aliens Officer - Clifford Orange, registration of Jews with registration details of Esher Pauline Lloyd, née Silver, Margaret Hurban, née Blod, Hedy Bercu, Hyam Goldman, Ruby Ellen Still, née Marks, Theresa Marks, née Leopold, John Jacobs, Nathan Davidson, Samuel Selig Simon, John Max Finkelstein, Victor Emanuel and Marianne Blampied, née Van Abbe, marking of Jewish Businesses as a 'Jewish Undertaking' including correspondence concerning Gosford Furnishing Company, Montague Burton Limited, Madame Eve, enquiries concerning the faith of Sydney Bernard Podro, Jack Morris Israel, Catherine Pauline Hill, née Jacobs, William Rosenberg, Ada Goldman, née Matthews, Agnes Delicat, M Simon, Ada Isaacs, née Rigby and Ramon Alfred Gordon, declarations of the property of Harry Leopold Marks, Commercial Properties (Jersey) Limited, Phineas Cohen, Alfred Krichefski, Nathan Davidson, Hyam Goldman, Simon Peretz, Israel Cohen, Dudley Marks, Louis Feldman and Mr and Mrs Beryl and Bernard Silver, appointment of Aryan Administrators for Jewish Businesses, sale of and winding up of Jewish Businesses and inclusion of a red cross on Registered Jews filing cards.

Reference: B/A/W30/17

Date: September 30th 1940 - October 21st 1942

Papers relating to the registration of British born

Reference: B/A/W30/22

Date: October 23rd 1940 - November 23rd 1940

Papers relating to the registration of aliens

Reference: B/A/W30/26

Date: November 25th 1940 - May 2nd 1941

Order for the registration of property of Russian nationals or place of residence in Russia

Reference: B/A/W30/65

Date: August 21st 1941 - August 21st 1941

Registration of milk retailers

Reference: B/A/W31/2/20

Date: December 21st 1940 - December 24th 1940

Correspondence relating to the registration of motor vehicles

Reference: B/A/W31/4/114

Date: March 27th 1944 - April 24th 1944

Numbers of registered births and deaths for 1st Jan 1944 to Dec 31st 1944.

Reference: B/A/W31/7/26

Date: February 1st 1945 - February 1st 1945

Registration of all employees in firms of over 20 employees, includes copy of registration form

Reference: B/A/W40/16/4

Date: May 19th 1943 - May 19th 1943

Correspondence re. a registration file of workmen and firms, includes list of numbers of males born in Jersey in 1922

Reference: B/A/W40/16/5

Date: July 8th 1943 - July 11th 1943

National Registration

Reference: B/A/W60

Copy of the Registration and Identification of Persons (Jersey) Regulations, 1940, Order and the Registration and Identification of Persons (Amendment) (Jersey) Order, 1942. Includes; correspondence relating to the production of identity cards, orders for photographic material, sample copy of the Registration form to be filled in, numbers of identity cards issued to each parish, list of persons unable to establish their identity. The photographs were taken by Scotts, Commercial and Art Photgraphers, 23, Broad Street, St Helier

Reference: B/A/W60/1

Date: December 8th 1940 - March 27th 1944

Correspondence relating to United States of America Nationals. Application for the return of Mr Thomas Curwood of American Nationality from internment

Reference: B/A/W60/10

Date: December 19th 1941 - July 31st 1942

List of citizens of Eire in Jersey during the German Occupation, includes names, date of birth, place of birth, and current address.

Reference: B/A/W60/11

Date: August 12th 1942 - November 14th 1942

Registration of foreign labourers at the Aliens Office with the sanction of the Platzkommandantur. Request that the new place of residence of Francis Henry formerly of, La Pulente, St Brelade be reported to the registration office. See also D/AP/K/4

Reference: B/A/W60/12

Date: August 26th 1944 - February 10th 1945

Order concerning the registration of sojourners. Includes correspondence re. identity cards and travel permits to be used when lodging at hotels, and examination of incomming travellers

Reference: B/A/W60/2

Date: June 4th 1941 - November 24th 1941

Registration of Russian Nationals. See also B/A/W30/65

Reference: B/A/W60/3

Date: August 4th 1941 - August 4th 1941

List of; Male Persons, over 16 years of age, born in the Channel Islands or in Overseas Dominions, who are retired or without occupation and now residing in Jersey. Supplementry list of Male British Subjects, 15 years of age and over, born outside the Channel Islands and now residing in Jersey. Both lists include, names, date of birth, occupation, and address

Reference: B/A/W60/4

Date: September 13th 1941 - October 29th 1941

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