Sound recording of Norman Alexander speaking in jèrriais for the Jèrriais Today Community Recording Project. Topics covered include house prices, his farming business during and after the war as an agricultural merchant selling bulbs and his time as an organist at Philadelphie Methodist Church. Mr Alexander accent is possibly St Clement.

Reference: C/D/AS/A1/2

Date: February 1st 2018

Petition to the States Assembly on the Loi (1912) Sur L'Instruction Primaire presented to the States by Deputy J Le Marquand of St Helier on 17/01/1956. The petition states that after the objections of the Catholic Church relating to the Law on Primary Instruction in 1912 meaning publicly funded denominational schools could no longer exist, 'We, Your Petitioners, submit that it would be possible to meet, in some measure, the conscientious demands of the Catholic community by the following:- 1. So to re-group certain of the Infant and Junior children attending States Primary Schools in St Helier and St Saviour that the school buildings owned by the Catholic body in St Helier (and since 1912 used without payment or compensation to the owners by the Education Committee) should be used as a mixed Infants School in the case of Val Plaisant School, and a mixed Junior School in the case of Vauxhall School; both Schools to be for Catholic children and to be conducted by the States of Jersey as denominational schools. 2. Parents of Catholic children over the age of eleven be given the option of sending their children to one of the existing Catholic Private Schools, the conditions and cost of this concession to be the subject of negotiation between the States of Jersey and the Governing Bodies of the Schools concerned.'

Reference: D/AP/U/151

Date: 1956 - 1956

Petition to Major General H R Abadie, Lieutenant Governor, William Henry Venables Vernon, Bailiff and the States of Jersey from the members of the religious society known as 'Christadelphians' requesting exemption from service in the Jersey Militia under religious grounds to bring them in line with the Society of Friends whose exemption was passed 17 February 1903. Lodged au Greffe

Reference: D/AP/U/61

Date: March 10th 1903 - March 10th 1903

File relating to religions

Reference: D/W/F2/ESU/03/16

Date: October 28th 1999 - November 29th 1999

Testament of Mathurin Senechaux, refugee in Jersey because of the Protestant Religion. Dated 11/03/1737

Reference: D/Y/A/6/124

Date: June 11th 1737 - June 11th 1737

Correspondence of A J Le Cras on the Laws affecting Jersey Quakers and others

Reference: D/Z/J/A/3

Date: March 1st 1840 - July 28th 1865


Reference: J/J/A

Jersey Society of Friends Business Meeting Minutes, includes; a booklet entitled 'Notes for those considering application for membership in the Religious Society of Friends and about Elders and Overseers', newscuttings about Quaker appeals and messages and a list of members in the rear of the book.

Reference: J/J/A1/1

Date: April 15th 1946 - 1960


Reference: J/J/B

Account Books

Reference: J/J/B1

Jersey Society of Friends Account Book of receipts and expenses

Reference: J/J/B1/1

Date: October 23rd 1946 - December 16th 1976

Visitor Books

Reference: J/J/C

Visitor Books

Reference: J/J/C1

Jersey Society of Friends Visitor Book-visitors to Jersey Meeting

Reference: J/J/C1/1

Date: 1884 - April 23rd 1972

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