Printed 'Report of the Committee appointed by the Secretary of State for War to enquire into certain matters connected with the Channel Islands Militia'

Reference: A/C2/19/3

Date: June 30th 1879 - June 30th 1879

Draft letter to the Bailiff from the Lieutenant Governor [Lieutenant General Charles Ewart] refers to the Annual Report on the Militia Force 1888, advises provision should be made to keep the arms and equipment in good state in the Arsenals, some extracts from the Report

Reference: A/C2/28/4

Date: May 31st 1889 - May 31st 1889

Copy letter from C B Ewart Lieutenant-Governor to W H Vernon Attorney General, regarding 'preparation of Reports in the cases of offenders who are brought before the Court for the repression of minor offences'

Reference: A/C2/29/6

Date: September 27th 1890 - September 27th 1890

Report ' The affects of the climate of Jersey on the health of the troops' by Major J G F Clarkson

Reference: A/C2/41/13

Date: March 18th 1905 - March 18th 1905

Letter from the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Henry Sutley Gough] to the Law Officers of the Crown requesting a copy of the Report on the Militia case 'Biggs V Bagnall and Others' with a view to getting Lieut-Colonel Bagnall's costs paid

Reference: A/C2/42/111

Date: December 31st 1906 - December 31st 1906

Letter from A Hilgrove Turner Attorney General to the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Hugh Sutley Gough] originally enclosed with two reports concerning cases of alleged evasion of militia service, advice on how to proceed with the matter

Reference: A/C2/42/29

Date: March 20th 1906 - March 20th 1906

Letter from Ernest Le Sueur Greffier to the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Hugh Sutley Gough] enclosed with two reports presented to the Finance Committee by the Legal Auditors of the States on Militia funds for 1906 and 1907

Reference: A/C2/44/41

Date: June 20th 1908 - June 20th 1908

Report by His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor & G O C Troops, Jersey on the Organisation of the Royal Militia of the Island of Jersey and the Defence Measures of the Island

Reference: A/C2/62/1

Date: January 1st 1934 - January 1st 1934

Document relating to a memorial for Edward Anley who was assigned in 1799 to inspect and report on all vessels and passengers coming into the island [includes a typewritten transcription]

Reference: A/C7/3

Date: 1807 - 1807

File detailing civil defence preparations and reports

Reference: A/C8/24

Date: 1951 - 1953

File relating to the granting of Silk to the Law Officers

Reference: A/C8/25

Date: March 3rd 1972 - February 27th 1974

File relating to the suitability of airport staff

Reference: A/C8/26

Date: March 17th 1950 - January 8th 1960

File L.3 relating to the appointment of Admiral Sir Randolph Stewart Gresham Nicholson KBE, CB, DSO, DSC as Lieutenant Governor of Jersey 1953-1958

Reference: A/C8/27

Date: June 20th 1953 - July 13th 1959

File L.3 relating to the appointment of General Sir George Erskine G.C.B. K.B.E. D.S.O. as Lieutenant Governor of Jersey

Reference: A/C8/28

Date: July 25th 1958 - January 25th 1959

File recording details of the resignation of the Solicitor General

Reference: A/C8/29

Date: March 3rd 1954 - June 30th 1955

Confidential Judicial Staff Reports

Reference: A/C8/30

Date: January 12th 1955 - July 15th 1957

Copy of the Barrett report of the Natural Beauties Committee on natural beauties and the environment

Reference: A/D1/B14

Date: July 25th 1961 - November 12th 1974

Papers and correspondence relating to the constitutional reform of the States of Jersey, includes the Report of the Privy Council, 1947

Reference: A/D1/J14

Date: April 5th 1924 - August 12th 1958

Report on the oyster fishing industry

Reference: A/D1/O4/2

Date: April 30th 1951 - February 19th 1973

Correspondence with and reports from the Jersey Prison Board includes maintenance of Jersey prisoners in English institutions and young offenders

Reference: A/D1/P8/3

Date: March 15th 1919 - April 4th 1940

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