Letter from Colonel Le Couteur, Belle Vue, Jersey to Major General Guy tendering his resignation from the position of Adjutant General of the Royal Jersey Militia see A/C2/12/9

Reference: A/C2/12/10

Date: October 23rd 1868 - October 23rd 1868

Letter from Peter Marett, Jersey to Lieutenant Governor Burke Cuppage re. the order for him to resign his commission of the St Lawrence Battalion

Reference: A/C2/12/7

Date: September 7th 1868 - September 7th 1868

Letter from C H Bateman, Longueville Manor to the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Philip Nelson Guy], originally enclosed with Mr Filleuls 2 letters see A/C2/12/13/30 & A/C2/12/13/32 Mr Bateman very pleased with the conciliatory tone of the letters but tendering his notice as received an offer of a living near London to begin January 1871

Reference: A/C2/13/34

Date: November 30th 1870 - November 30th 1870

Copy letter from C B Ewart, Lieutenant-Governor to the Under Secretary of State Home Office informing him that Mr Malet de Carteret forfeited his right to be called Lieutenant Colonel after his resignation

Reference: A/C2/30/4

Date: November 14th 1891 - November 14th 1891

Letter from Godfrey Lushington, Whitehall to C B Ewart Lieutenant-Governor acknowledging receipt of his letter pointing out Mr Malet de Carteret is not entitled to the rank Lieutenant Colonel

Reference: A/C2/30/5

Date: November 20th 1891 - November 20th 1891

Letter from Lieutenant D W Le Brocq, Le Rivage, Gorey to Lieutenant Colonel Le Gallais tendering his resignation

Reference: A/C2/39/23

Date: August 29th 1903 - August 29th 1903

Letter from A Ward Simpson, Government Secretary to A Hilgrove Turner, Attorney General originally enclosed with letter from Lt Le Brocq see A/C2/39/23 whether he liable for another 5 years service, note attached letter to be kept until January 1904

Reference: A/C2/39/24

Date: October 3rd 1903 - October 3rd 1903

Letter from H Gough Lieutenant Governor to the Law Officers of the Crown regarding Alfred Godfray who had vacated the appointment as King's Prévôt

Reference: A/C2/43/25

Date: March 22nd 1907 - March 22nd 1907

File recording details of the resignation of the Solicitor General

Reference: A/C8/29

Date: March 3rd 1954 - June 30th 1955

Confidential Judicial Staff Reports

Reference: A/C8/30

Date: January 12th 1955 - July 15th 1957

Resignation of G F D Le Gallais as Autorisé de la partie publique

Reference: A/D1/A19

Date: September 18th 1923 - October 23rd 1923

Correspondence and newscuttings concerning the appointments and resignations of Bailiffs

Reference: A/D1/B4/1

Date: September 23rd 1898 - July 9th 1935

Correspondence file concerning resignations from various Bailiff's of Jersey

Reference: B/D/A/B1/4

Date: October 4th 1961 - December 27th 1985

Correspondence file concerning the appointments and resignations of the Lieutenant Bailiff, includes a list of those who held the position of Lieutenant Bailiff from 1367 - 1816

Reference: B/D/A/B3/1

Date: June 26th 1935 - September 21st 1983

Correspondence file concerning the appointments and resignations of the Lieutenant Bailiff

Reference: B/D/A/B3/2

Date: December 14th 1987 - July 23rd 2004

Correspondence file with the Law Society concerning a legal resignation [ 2 files containing numbers L1/1(83- ] catalogued individually

Reference: B/D/A/L1/1 (132)a

Date: January 20th 1999 - February 5th 1999

Bailiffs correspondence regarding a resignation [ folder contains multiple files numbered 581-673 catalogued individually]

Reference: B/D/A/M7 (584)

Date: August 15th 1994 - August 18th 1994

States Assembly Hansard Official Report includes written questions, oral questions, questions without notice for the Minister for Health and Social Services and the Minister for Transport and Technical Services, statement regarding a proposed Partnership agreement with the Conseil Général de la Manche, statement regarding the British-Irish Council Summit Meeting to be held in Jersey in 2009, statement regarding the implications for depositors in the current global financial conditions, statement regarding the Victoria Avenue Resurfacing Contract, statement regarding the progress of the Committee of inquiry into Third Party Planning Appeals, Integrated Coastal Zone Management Strategy (P.76/2008), Esplanade Quarter Master Plan, St. Helier: Development Agreement - Approval by the States (P.111/2008), Statement of the Chairman of the Economic Affairs Scrutiny Panel regarding draft Foundations (Jersey) Law 200- (P.143/2008), Draft States of Jersey (Amendment No. 5) Law 200- (P.122/2008), statement by the Chief Minister on the resignation of the Minister for Home Affairs, Draft Policing of Parks (Amendment) (Jersey) Regulations 200- (P.131/2008), Jersey Air Cadets’ HQ, La Rue Carrée, St. Brelade – proposed Deed of Arrangement (P.132/2008), Artificial Insemination of Bovines: fees (P.135/2008) and Draft Amendment (No. 9) of the Standing Orders of the States of Jersey (P.140/2008),

Reference: C/A12/127

Date: October 21st 2008 - October 21st 2008

States Assembly Hansard Official Report includes appointments, Personal Statement by Deputy Le Claire on his resignation from the Environment Scrutiny Panel, written questions, oral questions, questions without notice for the Minister for Social Security and the Minister for Planning and Environment, Personal Statement by Deputy Tadier regarding his resignation from the Privileges and Procedures Committee, Draft Employment of States of Jersey Employees (Amendment No. 5) (Jersey)Regulations 201- (P.22/2010) and amendments and States Net Revenue Expenditure 2011 and 2012: Reduction (P.29/2010).

Reference: C/A12/209

Date: May 11th 2010 - May 11th 2010

States Assembly Hansard Official Report includes petition in relation to the replacement of the heating systems at Le Clos Gosset, written questions, oral questions, questions without notice for the Minister for Home Affairs and the Chief Minister, Statement by the Minister for Home Affairs regarding the Acting Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police and Statement by the Minister for Treasury and Resources regarding the resignation of Treasurer of the States.

Reference: C/A12/218

Date: July 19th 2010 - July 19th 2010

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