Newscutting re Mabel Ahier's retirement from Trinity School in 1962

Reference: L/C/03/A/21/3

Date: 1962 - 1962

Letter from Christine [Christine Collier], 10a St Mildred's Road, Lee, London [Kathleen Le Sueur, née de Carteret] sending her sympathy upon learning through a retired colleague of the death of Kathleen's husband Ken [Kenneth Henry Le Sueur]. Includes recollections of times spent together in Rio [Rio de Janeiro], refers to the tenth anniversary of the death of her mother, and provides news about weddings and other life events. Includes original envelope addressed to Mrs K Le Sueur, Moreno, Old Beaumont Hill, St Peter with one light blue 14p postage stamp.

Reference: L/C/142/A1/B16/13

Date: October 27th 1981 - October 27th 1981

Letter from Thé [Berthé Vautier], Cranford, Beaumont to her very dear Two [Kathleen Le Sueur, née de Carteret] and Ken [Kenneth Henry Le Sueur]. Refers to accepting an invitation from Hilda van der Feen to spend three months with her and her sister in The Hague, includes comments about changes to the Southern Railway in Jersey, and provides news about friends and family including those at Vale Farm, St Peter.

Reference: L/C/142/A1/D8/3

Date: November 28th 1932 - November 28th 1932

Jersey Scout Association correspondence with Maurice Cornelius and Arthur Martin, Field Commissioner for Berkshire, the Channel Islands, Dorset, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Wiltshire; includes, correspondence regarding the work of the Field Commissioner, retirements, awards, reorganisation of the Scout Association districts in the UK, regional meetings, visits and training

Reference: L/D/36/C2/11

Date: April 12th 1983 - February 6th 1991

Nursing Report, 1974, by Miss M Spencer, Director of Nursing Services. Annual Report for 1974 for the Jersey District Nursing Association. Includes notes on the reverse by Miss Spencer regarding the retirement of Miss Jolliffe. [For the Annual Report of the Jersey District Nursing Association, 1974, see L/D/39/A1/A1/22].

Reference: L/D/39/A1/A2/5

Date: 1975 - 1975

Newspaper cutting of a photograph published in the Jersey Evening Post with the title 43-year career ends. Photograph shows nurses from the Jersey District Nursing Association raising a glass to Winifred Ozard upon her retirement after 43 years as a nurse. Marjorie Spencer, Director of Nursing Services, is amongst those pictured.

Reference: L/D/39/F/9

Date: 1974 - 1974
Undated, c. 1974.

Letter from Colonel Jean Pipon, La Hague to Major General Colin Halkett, Lieutenant Governor concerning a letter received from Major Philip Le Maistre concerning his decision to retire from the Militia, includes a copy of the letter

Reference: L/F/97/M5/38

Date: February 19th 1825 - March 30th 1825

The Lieutenant Governor, General Sir Micheal Wilkes and Lady Wilkes receiving a painting from the Constable of St Ouen, Ken Vibert and Mrs Vibert, at St Ouen's Parish Hall.

Reference: P/03/B190/21

Date: October 2nd 2000 - October 2nd 2000

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