Slide of a seafood platter

Reference: D/AS/K1/48

Images of the food counter and staff at a seafood restaurant, for an advertisement.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/1/1318

Date: June 23rd 1976 - June 23rd 1976

Photographer: Reg Cridland

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1976/1318

Images of members of the Jersey Evening Post Women's Circle at the evening opening of the Restaurant Mussel at the Claymore Hotel on The Esplanade.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/1/500

Date: March 8th 1976 - March 8th 1976

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1976/500

Images of the interior of the Restaurant Mussel at the Claymore Hotel on The Esplanade, and of staff working on the bar at the restaurant, for the Women's Circle.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/1/506

Date: March 9th 1976 - March 9th 1976

Photographer: Glenn Rankine

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1976/506

Images of the Claymore Hotel on The Esplanade for an advertisement. Images include group shots of members of the hotel staff, the interior of and food prepared at the hotel's seafood restaurant called the Restaurant Mussel, staff working at the reception desk and bars, and the snooker and darts area of the bar.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/1/518

Date: March 10th 1976 - March 10th 1976

Photographer: Bob Ritchie

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1976/518

Images of a man preparing a seafood platter, containing lobster, gambas, oysters, crab and langoustines, at what may be the Panorama Hotel in St. Brelade, although this cannot be confirmed at this time.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/2/4850

Date: August 25th 1977 - August 25th 1977

Photographer: Peter Mourant

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1977/4850.

Images of staff outside a restaurant on Roseville Street, St Helier.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/3/7326

Date: June 12th 1978 - June 12th 1978

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1978/7326

Images of Doug Le Masurier of La Rocque Fisheries standing next to their mussel and oyster farms [from JEP 09/12/1978 p I].

Reference: L/A/75/A3/3/9003

Date: December 2nd 1978 - December 2nd 1978

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1978/9003

Photograph of a man selling seafood including dressed crab at a market stall called Paissonyi at the annual Le Vièr Marchi market in the Royal Square on the anniversary of the Battle of Britain. Shows crowds gathered in the foreground, and the Royal Court building and cars (J6694 and J15991) in the background.

Reference: L/C/142/C2/B/D/57/19

Date: September 18th 1954 - September 18th 1954

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