Correspondence relating to the postponement of the Assize d'Héritage dinner that His Majesty offers the Royal Court and certain Seigneurs, during the war. Includes an Act stating that the 'Chefs Plaids d'Héritage' will not sit unless there is an appeal to judge. See also: B/A/W76

Reference: B/A/W46/1

Date: September 12th 1939 - September 12th 1940

Correspondence file concerning the arms of the Seigneurs of Jersey

Reference: B/D/A/A4/1

Date: September 6th 1968 - April 12th 1996

Correspondence file concerning the arms of the Seigneurs of Jersey and the Jersey Flag

Reference: B/D/A/A4/2/1

Date: February 26th 1914 - March 25th 1985

Correspondence file concerning the Seigneurs of Jersey

Reference: B/D/A/A4/2/2

Date: April 10th 1995 - April 10th 1995

Volume concerning the appeal to the Privy Council from the Royal Court relating to the case between the Attorney General and Receiver General and Adolphus Hilgrove Turner the Solicitor General acting on behalf of the Public of the Island. The case concerns the rights of the Crown as Seigneur of a Fief in respect of the property Overdale which have fallen into Mortmain

Reference: B/D/D2/2

Date: 1891 - 1891

Transcript of bail by George de Carteret, Seigneur of Melesche Grainville and Norimont to Thomas Le Breton, Senior, of all dues from the Seigneurie of Noirmont for three years, except for two quarters of wheat and twenty livres tournois each year assigned to the widow and children of Jean Dean. Also includes a payment of thirty livres tournois to the Minister and Deacon of St Brelade and fifty livres tournois to the Minister and Deacon of St Peter

Reference: D/AL/A/1/9

Date: December 8th 1655 - December 8th 1655

Correspondence and a petition on the subject of the law abolishing feudal and seigneurial rights and services passed by the States on 16/04/1886. Lodged au Greffe, printed by Le Lievre Brothers, States Printers.

Reference: D/AP/AD/6/107

Date: June 22nd 1886 - June 22nd 1886

Appeal of the States of Jersey in their representation to the Privy Council relating to rights of the Crown as a Seigneur of a Fief.

Reference: D/AP/X/19

Date: 1891 - 1891

St Ouen's Church. Drawing of proposed memorial to Reginald Malet de Carteret, Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George, Seigneur de St Ouen, Lieutenant : Bailiff of the Royal Court of Jersey. Born 1865 died 1935

Reference: D/Y/Q4/103

Date: November 5th 1935 - November 5th 1935

St Martin's Church. Drawing of a proposed slate tablet in memory of Reginald Raoul Lempriere, Seigneur of Roseland Dielament, who died 4th September 1931

Reference: D/Y/Q4/88

Date: January 10th 1933 - February 3rd 1933

Seigneuriale Courts

Reference: D/Z/A/B

Pleas of the Court of the Seigneur of the Fief Abbesse de Caen in Trinity, St Martin, St Saviour, Longueville, St John Includes; records of money owed and dates payments due

Reference: D/Z/A/B/1

Date: December 3rd 1617 - December 19th 1638

Court of the Fief du Prieur du Mont Cochon - Papers relating to the introduction of Charles De Ste Croix to a tenancy in the fief by succession from Jean De Ste Croix and Marthe Taylor

Reference: D/Z/A/B/2

Date: February 5th 1783 - February 5th 1783

Vente between Elizabeth Le Brun wife of Aimable Gaston Edouard Hortense Boulley of the first party and Charles Louis Poignand son of Pierre of the second party. Records the sale from 1 to 2 of Le Fief de Lulague called Le Morier, St John and St Mary with all rights, perogatives and rentes of the seigneur of the fief - for the sum of £100 sterling Registered: book 182 folio 120

Reference: D/Z/G/B/3

Date: August 5th 1843 - August 5th 1843

Petition to the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty in Council from Guy Malet de Carteret, Seigneur of the Fief Haubert and Lordship of St Ouen requesting a Bill to abolish those seignorial rights from which financial advantage accrues and to have provision in related matters. Specifically looks at the rights of tavernage on tavern keepers in St Ouen.

Reference: D/Z/P/1

Date: 1965 - 1965

Bail à Termage between John Roland Christopher Riley, Seigneur of the Franc Fief Noble and Seigneury of Trinity of the first party and John Ernest Cabot, Constable, Alfred Samuel de Gruchy and Charles Edward Cabot, Procureurs of the parish of Trinity of the second party. Records the lease from 1 to 2 of a piece of land called Le Pré de Billot ou Grand Pré, together with the adjoinging cotils on the north and south sides measuring 10 vergees for 9 years for the sum of £10 Sterling.

Reference: F/M/K4/102

Date: February 21st 1963 - February 21st 1963

Accord between Reginald Raoul Lempriere, Seigneur de Diélament of the first party and Thomas Cabot, Constable of Trinity of the second party. Records the agreement between 1 and 2 that 2 would pay 1 £4 Sterling per year for the right to quarry the Carrière des Platons for gravel and stone for the roads of the parish and the Carrière du Tas de Geon and £2 Sterling per year for the right to quarry the Carrière du Becquet in the Fief de la Gruchetterie.

Reference: F/M/K4/78

Date: January 31st 1910 - January 31st 1910

Bail et Vente of the land and Resignation of the co-ownership of the wall between Phillipe Aubin, son of Jean, of the first part and Josue Le Bailly, Ebenezer Cartwright Williams and John Smith, trustees of the English Independent Congregational Church, Victoria Street, of the second part. Records the sale of land from 1 to 2 and also the resignation of rights to the wall on the west side of the chapel from 1 to 2 for the sum of 20 quartiers of wheat annually. Also Francois Godfray, seigneur of the fief de Collette des Augrés abandons his seigneurial rights for the sum of 23 pounds and 16 shillings. Registered: book 219, folio 171

Reference: J/G/1/D/B/10

Date: November 20th 1858 - November 20th 1858

Photographs of the Seigneur of St Ouen, Captain Guy Malet de Carteret, upon being nominated for a juratship vacancy.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/POR/10/1

Date: 1949-11 - December 3rd 1949

Subject: Portraits

File number: 10

Page number: 1

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