File containing a copy of a submission for the Master Plan and Urban Design Brief. Overseas Trading Corporation Site (OTC), First Tower, St Helier

Reference: D/G/A8/3/20

Date: March 19th 1992 - March 23rd 1992

File containing a copy of The Jersey Island Plan Technical Paper. Leisure. Formal Recreational Survey. Contains sections regarding participation in outdoor field sports, court sports, indoor sports, water sports, levels of participation, and information on sites for sport and recreation. Also inlcudes a figure relating to sports facilities, tables concerning the membership of sports clubs, and requirements for additional sports facilities. In addition, there is a list of Clubs circulated, and summaries of Club responses

Reference: D/G/A8/3/7

Date: 1982 - 1983

File containing a copy of The Jersey Island Plan Technical Paper. Countryside. Wet Meadow Survey. Contains sections regarding an ecological survey, survey results, land use, conservation evaluation, protection, a site list, species deistribution, Jersey rarities, British rarities, methodology, the scientific names of bird species, and site management details. Also inlcudes site maps

Reference: D/G/A8/3/8

Date: 1983 - 1983

File containing a copy of a report entitled States of Jersey Les Creux Golf Study. The report includes sections regarding: an environmental appraisal, golf facilities, a site review, supply and demand, development and operational options. The report also includes maps and plans

Reference: D/G/A8/5/4

Date: June 9th 1993 - June 9th 1993

Directorate correspondence relating to Premises: Convent FCJ, includes; details of the rental of the Caretakers Bungalow, correspondence regarding building work to extend the primary school, building development work at Grainville School, negotations regarding the site and a plan of the site.

Reference: D/J1/A/B2/7/5/3

Date: September 24th 1969 - July 20th 1981

File relating to sites of interest in Jersey

Reference: D/W/F2/ESU/05/2

Date: October 23rd 1992 - March 23rd 2000

Gas Place and Talman Site Pollution Study, Initial Progress Report, produced for the States of Jersey Property Services Department by Ove Arup and Partners Limited, May 2005.

Reference: D/W/P1/10

Date: 2005-05 - 2005-05

Report of a Site Investigation for Bath Street carried out for the States of Jersey by Soil Mechanics, May 1998.

Reference: D/W/P1/6

Date: 1998-05 - 1998-05

Jersey Gas Works Remediation Options, carried out for the States of Jersey by Arup Rothwell, May 1999 [two copies].

Reference: D/W/P1/7

Date: 1999-05 - 1999-05

File relating to the Town Park, Bath Street, St Helier, containing; correspondence regarding options for the site and estimates from various contractors.

Reference: D/W/P1/8

Date: March 29th 2000 - March 29th 2000

Groundwater Contamination Assessment, Town Park Study, St Helier, report for States of Jersey prepared by Arup Rothwell, February 2003.

Reference: D/W/P1/9

Date: 2003-02 - 2003-02

Papers and photographs relating to the restoration of the Fishermen's Chapel, St Brelade, includes; architect's reports, archaeology reports, conservator's reports and site reports

Reference: G/C/08/K1/1

Date: May 21st 1971 - December 1st 1986

Papers and photographs relating to the restoration of the Fishermen's Chapel, St Brelade, includes; reports, plans, correspondence and site visits

Reference: G/C/08/K1/2

Date: August 14th 1974 - May 18th 1988

Papers and photographs relating to St Brelade's Church, includes; correspondence relating to conservation, the church bell, a rood screen, archaeology report and the former German Cemetery

Reference: G/C/08/K1/3

Date: June 20th 1973 - October 3rd 1994

Plans of proposed residential development off Oxhey Lane, Hertfordshire. Site layout scheme one, preliminary drawing, 59 private dwelling units

Reference: L/A/06/A/550/1

Date: 1973-09 - 1973-09

Site survey of land off Redheath Close, Leavesden.

Reference: L/A/06/A/700/2

Date: 1981 - 1981

Plans of the National Gallery site.

Reference: L/A/06/B/4A

Date: 1959 - 1959

Taylor Leapingwell and Horne plan file which concerns L'Aumone, Castel, Guernsey. Methodist Homes for the Aged.

Reference: L/A/06/D/430/1A/2

Date: 1987 - 1990

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