Slide of Liberation Square at night featuring the Tourism Office and the Liberation sculpture, photographer unidentified

Reference: C/C/L/C17/8

Date: 1995 - 1995

Fort Regent Cavern Construction Phase. 941101-D. Technical - Design. Rock Mass Properties Vol Va. Includes correspondence between Public Services Department and Balfour Beatty, concrete aggregates, reports on use of rock as aggregate for concrete and 2 microscope slides with rock samples with attached report on the results of analysis of the samples.

Reference: D/AL/C5/D/11/24

Date: April 8th 1994 - September 17th 1996

Tunnel Cavern Slides collection with index [no file reference was provided on file - given next reference code in sequence]

Reference: D/AL/C5/Q/37

Date: 1995 - 1996

Photographs and Slides

Reference: D/AS/K

Slide of St Aubin's Harbour

Reference: D/AS/K1/1

Slide of Bonne Nuit

Reference: D/AS/K1/10

Slide of the North coast

Reference: D/AS/K1/11

Slide of Queen's valley

Reference: D/AS/K1/13

Slide of St Peters valley

Reference: D/AS/K1/15

Slide of Les Mielles

Reference: D/AS/K1/17

Slide of seagulls on a cliff

Reference: D/AS/K1/19

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