BBC Radio Jersey-Occupation Tapes. Told by the people who lived through it produced by Beth Lloyd. Part 13: The Todt Organisation and their Russian Slave Labourers. Eye witnesses talking about the background of the Organisation Todt, the arrival of the Russians on the island, the condition they were in, the brutality of their overseers, begging and stealing food, concentration camps, the Jersey Communist Party and other people giving shelter, food, clothes, false papers and english lessons with Mrs Metcalfe to escaped prisoners, the story of Louisa Gould, Harold Le Druillenec and Feodor Burrij and the experience of other residents who harboured escapees. See R/06/4.

Reference: R/07/F1/13

Date: July 8th 1990 - July 8th 1990

Jersey Evening Post Newspaper article : Guernsey Occupation police officers 'should be pardoned'

Reference: US/1572

Date: December 3rd 2020

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