Supply of foodstuffs and other supplies to the Channel Islands and the stoppage of exports

Reference: A/E/10/1

Date: August 4th 1914 - October 25th 1920

Establishment of the Food Control Committee [Indexed]

Reference: A/E/10/2

Date: August 8th 1917 - November 19th 1918

Control and distribution of sugar [Indexed]

Reference: A/E/10/3

Date: September 1st 1917 - November 25th 1920

Coal supply [Indexed]

Reference: A/E/10/4

Date: August 13th 1914 - February 28th 1921

Oil supply [Indexed]

Reference: A/E/10/5

Date: October 31st 1914 - January 15th 1919

Imports of flour and wheat [Indexed]

Reference: A/E/10/6

Date: January 23rd 1915 - January 17th 1921

Potato shipments

Reference: A/E/10/7

Date: February 4th 1918 - October 7th 1918

Correspondence concerning the Supplies and Services (Transitional Powers) Jersey Bill and Order in Council

Reference: B/A/L39/1

Date: September 7th 1945 - February 4th 1946

Correspondence concerning the expiry date of the Supplies and Services (Transitional Powers) Act, 1945

Reference: B/A/L39/2

Date: July 14th 1951 - October 17th 1951

Papers relating to the agricultural programme and food including lists of dairies, butchers, bakers etc.

Reference: B/A/W31/1/16

Date: June 26th 1940 - October 15th 1940

Stock of tinned fish

Reference: B/A/W31/1/70

Date: December 17th 1941 - December 17th 1941

New Order concerning the use of motor vehicles. Includes: - List of licensed cars and cars from which licences withdrawn

Reference: B/A/W31/4/8

Date: February 17th 1941 - March 21st 1941

List of drugs which the Medical Officer of Health deems necessary for the requirements of the Public Health of Jersey.

Reference: B/A/W32/1/1

Date: July 6th 1940 - July 6th 1940

Correspondence re. permit for earthenware drain pipes

Reference: B/A/W32/1/10

Date: April 17th 1944 - April 17th 1944

Shipment of goods from Germany ordered by Messrs. Boots the Chemist

Reference: B/A/W32/1/2

Date: April 1st 1941 - April 1st 1941

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