Letter from H Gough Lieutenant Governor to the Bailiff [W V Vernon] re. gas burners for the Queens' Assembly Rooms, Belmont Road, instillation of telephones at the Arsenals and regravelling of drill grounds

Reference: A/C2/42/39

Date: April 10th 1906 - April 10th 1906

Letter from W V Vernon Bailiff to the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Hugh Sutley Gough] in reply to his letter of 10 April see A/C2/42/39 informing him the Defence Committee had agreed to his three requests re. the Queen's Assembly Rooms, telephonic communication for the Arsenals and regravelling the drill grounds

Reference: A/C2/42/42

Date: April 19th 1906 - April 19th 1906

Letter from the Deputy Lieutenant Governor, H St Leger Wood to the Bailiff [W V Vernon] requesting if the telephonic communication between the arsenals had been put in hand

Reference: A/C2/42/54

Date: May 30th 1906 - May 30th 1906

Letter from the Deputy Lieutenant Governor, H St Leger Wood to the Bailiff [W V Vernon] requesting if the telephones at the arsenals can be used for ordinary use or only in cases of fire

Reference: A/C2/42/55

Date: June 2nd 1906 - June 2nd 1906

Letter from the Bailiff, W V Vernon to the Deputy Governor [Colonel H St Leger Wood] re. completion of telephonic communication work at the arsenals

Reference: A/C2/42/56

Date: June 2nd 1906 - June 2nd 1906

Letter from the Bailiff, W V Vernon to the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Hugh Sutley Gough] informing him the telephones installed at the arsenals may only be used by the Military Authorities for official business

Reference: A/C2/42/62

Date: June 17th 1906 - June 17th 1906

Correspondence and acts relating to communications. Includes; telegraphs, telephones, wirelesses and televisions

Reference: A/D1/C7

Date: February 2nd 1870 - January 3rd 1953

Order and related papers concerning telephones and telegraphic messages. Includes: - lists of public call boxes, subscribers with coin boxes attached to their telephones, subscribers with switchboards and private lines

Reference: B/A/W30/41

Date: February 10th 1941 - September 16th 1942

Request for Cleveland and La Motte Garages to be connected to the telephone

Reference: B/A/W31/4/131

Date: July 11th 1944 - July 11th 1944

Correspondence relating to the public telephone offices near Rozel Bay, Bouley Bay and St Catherine's Bay remaining open all night for a short time for the army of occupation.

Reference: B/A/W31/8/2

Date: October 11th 1940 - October 28th 1940

Correspondence re. Order included in Official Journal 22 concerning Post, Telegraph and Telephone Services. See also B/A/W30/41 and B/A/W39/5.

Reference: B/A/W31/8/5

Date: February 25th 1941 - March 10th 1941

Request for reconnection of telephones to the skeleton telephone service, including institutions and private individuals.

Reference: B/A/W31/8/60

Date: May 31st 1944 - June 30th 1944

Complaints about the cutting off of the telephones of Honorary Inspectors appointed under the Cultivation of Lands (Jersey) Order, 1942

Reference: B/A/W32/4/21

Date: April 5th 1943 - May 1st 1943

Correspondence file concerning television, includes extensions to Television Acts

Reference: B/D/A/T11/22/11

Date: 1962 - 1997

Official correspondence with index. Subjects include: naturalisation of aliens; Ann Street Brewery Company; Privy Council appeals; auditors' reports; Sir Maurice Fitzmaurice's report on drainage; contingent for services overseas; currency arrangements; criminal justice administration; export of nursery stock to USA; protection of hospitals against bombardment; Jersey Savings Bank rules; Jerseymen serving overseas; Jersey Home for Boys; laws awaiting royal sanction; remission of sentences; the prison; management of telephone service; weights and measures and the import of tea

Reference: C/A5/13

Date: January 4th 1913 - December 21st 1916

Explanatory Note and Proposition Regarding the Provision of Telephones for Elderly People, lodged by Deputy N S Le Brocq of St Helier

Reference: C/A608/1978/P41

Date: April 18th 1978 - April 18th 1978

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