Memorandum of agreement between Charles Le Quesne building contractor and C Mauger Constable of St John relating to alterations and additions to St John's School

Reference: F/E/J4/5

Date: July 17th 1902 - July 17th 1902

Estimate supplied to Herbert Falla Constable of St John by Edmund Berteau States Engineer, relates to a change to the main road near St John's Church

Reference: F/E/J4/6

Date: June 26th 1906 - June 26th 1906

Correspondence between Edmund Berteau States Engineer and Herbert Falla Constable relating to the position of the parish box, includes a plan of the proposed box

Reference: F/E/J4/7

Date: 1907 - 1907

Tenders for building St John's Parish Hall sent to Herbert Falla Constable by prospective building companies. Includes a memorandum of agreement between the Constable and C.J. Le Quesne building contractor

Reference: F/E/J4/8

Date: 1911 - 1911

Correspondence relating to the St Martin's War Memorial including tender for the building of the war memorial, the contract and correspondence relating from the contractors building the memorial and questions on the spelling of names to be inscribed on the memorial.

Reference: F/G/Q1/2

Date: October 18th 1920 - April 30th 1924

Correspondence and tenders for work to be carried out at St Lawrence Parish Hall and painting at St Lawrence Rectory

Reference: F/N/K9/2

Date: November 26th 1970 - January 9th 1977

Correspondence and tenders for work to be carried out completing the dressing rooms at the Sports Field, Three Oaks

Reference: F/N/K9/3

Date: July 3rd 1976 - November 30th 1976

Correspondence and plans for work to be carried out at St Lawrence Parish Hall

Reference: F/N/K9/4

Date: May 29th 1985 - September 9th 1993

Correspondence and plans for work to be carried out at St Lawrence Parish Rectory

Reference: F/N/K9/5

Date: July 17th 1981 - September 4th 1990

Bill of Quantities and plans for work to be carried out at Three Oaks Football Ground, St Lawrence

Reference: F/N/K9/6

Date: April 26th 1995 - April 26th 1995

Tenders for building work to be completed on St Saviour's Hotel

Reference: G/C/09/E/24a

Date: 1909 - 1909

Correspondence and tender relating to the building of Royal Crescent Chapel according to the specifications and plans from John Laurens, Builder and Contractor.

Reference: J/C/AC/J/4

Date: May 14th 1868 - December 7th 1868

Tender for the building of the Smiths Works according to the specifications of the plans of Royal Crescent Chapel, from P Le Marquand and Francis Grandin

Reference: J/C/AC/J/5

Date: May 14th 1868 - May 14th 1868

File relating to the sale of Six Roads Church. Includes details of use of the Chapel, tenders offered for the Chapel and house and decisions affecting the sale of the Chapel.

Reference: J/C/AL/G/6

Date: 1975 - 1991

Tender and acceptance letter from P B Jouanne, the purchaser of Five Oaks Mission Hall.

Reference: J/C/R/B/5

Date: 1925 - 1925

Photocopy of a tender for plumbing and gas-fitting at No.11 Roseville Street, St Helier

Reference: J/C/U/J/2

Date: April 18th 1902 - April 18th 1902

Tender for the building of a rostrum at Grove Place Chapel.

Reference: J/C/W/C/6

Date: 1901 - 1901

Filing, correspondence, plans and legal documents relating to the planning and construction of 2, Mulcaster Street

Reference: L/A/06/D/411

Date: 1983 - 1992

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