Copy letter from E Hopton, Lieutenant-Governor to the Bailiff Sir George C Bertram requesting when the trial of Quarter Sergeant J Odell was to be held, with transcript

Reference: A/C2/35/10

Date: November 5th 1896 - November 5th 1896

Copy of two letters 1. Copy letter from W H Venables Vernon to the Lieutenant Governor informing him the trial of J Odell at the Criminal Assizes will be on 4 January 1897 2. Copy letter from E Hopton Lieutenant Governor to the Secretary of State originally enclosed with a report regarding J Odell

Reference: A/C2/35/11

Date: November 5th 1896 - November 7th 1896

Peter John Clement imprisoned for murder in Havana; papers relating to his identity, including letters between Whitehall, Havana and the Lieutenant Governor's office in Jersey. There is also a letter from the accused to his father, Edward Clement

Reference: A/D1/C29

Date: June 4th 1886 - November 6th 1886

Papers relating to the Evidence (Amendment) Act

Reference: A/D1/L1/70

Date: December 24th 1915 - February 14th 1916

Petition and related correspondence from Henry Edward Le Vavasseur dit Durell , advocate of the Royal Court and Messers R S Taylor Son and Humbert of Gray's Inn, London, Solicitors, on behalf of Philip Gosset to the Secretary for State of the Home Department regarding the trial of Philip Gosset who was convicted of embezzlement

Reference: A/D3/18

Date: May 10th 1887 - February 13th 1893

Minutes of the States of Jersey, 22/02/1943. Adoption of a law re. criminal assizes.

Reference: B/A/W34/15

Date: February 22nd 1943 - February 22nd 1943

Correspondence file with the law society regarding reports of trials [2 files containing numbers L1/1(83- ] catalogued individually]

Reference: B/D/A/L1/1 (108)

Date: November 17th 1995 - February 1st 1996

Bailiffs correspondence file contains letters regarding the forthcoming trial of an individual [folder contains multiple files catalogued individually]

Reference: B/D/A/M7 (699)

Date: January 10th 1997 - January 14th 1997

Correspondence file Royal Court miscellaneous 699-739

Reference: B/D/A/R12/1

Date: July 7th 2000 - April 4th 2002

Correspondence file unnamed concerning legal matters

Reference: B/D/A/R12/11

Date: October 15th 1992 - January 30th 1997

Correspondence file Royal Court Adjourned Trials 2002

Reference: B/D/A/R12/15

Date: February 14th 2002 - February 14th 2002

Correspondence file Commercial Court

Reference: B/D/A/R12/15/1

Date: December 9th 1997 - May 1st 1998

Cour Royale Volumes

Reference: B/D/A/R12/2

Cour Royale Notes D' Audience May 1899 to December 1900

Reference: B/D/A/R12/2/1

Date: 1899 - 1900

Cour Royale Notes D' Audience May 1913 to Nov 1914

Reference: B/D/A/R12/2/10

Date: 1913 - 1914

Cour Royale Notes D' Audience Nov 1914 to September 1916

Reference: B/D/A/R12/2/11

Date: 1913 - 1914

Cour Royale Notes D' Audience September 1916 May 1919

Reference: B/D/A/R12/2/12

Date: 1916 - 1919

Cour Royale Notes D' Audience May 1919 to April 1921

Reference: B/D/A/R12/2/13

Date: 1919 - 1921

Cour Royale Notes D' Audience April 1921 to July 1923

Reference: B/D/A/R12/2/14

Date: 1921 - 1923

Cour Royale Notes D' Audience July 1923 to December 1925

Reference: B/D/A/R12/2/15

Date: 1923 - 1925

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