Visit of the Most Reverend Archbishop Lord Fisher and Lady Fisher

Reference: A/D1/V1/10

Date: October 10th 1962 - November 23rd 1962

Visit of Sir Herbert Samuel and Monsieur Herriot

Reference: A/D1/V1/11

Date: August 26th 1932 - October 5th 1932

Visit of His Grace the Archbishop of York

Reference: A/D1/V1/12

Date: March 14th 1950 - May 11th 1950

Visit of the Right Reverend Bishop of Southampton

Reference: A/D1/V1/13

Date: January 30th 1957 - April 9th 1957

Visits of French Ambassadors to Jersey

Reference: A/D1/V1/14

Date: February 28th 1956 - May 27th 1957

Visit of Countess Mountbatten

Reference: A/D1/V1/5

Date: June 27th 1950 - July 8th 1950

Visit of Prince Mohamed Bin Faisal of Saudi Arabia

Reference: A/D1/V1/6

Date: September 14th 1970 - October 22nd 1970

Visit of the General of the Army, Dwight D Eisenhower

Reference: A/D1/V1/7

Date: May 26th 1951 - March 1st 1952

Visit of the Bishop of Southampton, The Right Reverend Kenneth Lamplugh

Reference: A/D1/V1/8

Date: March 22nd 1955 - March 23rd 1955

Visit of His Eminence Cardinal John Carmel Heenan, Archbishop of Westminster

Reference: A/D1/V1/9

Date: February 10th 1971 - June 18th 1971

Visits of VIP's to Jersey, includes royalty, and the Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey

Reference: A/D1/V2

Date: August 3rd 1887 - September 29th 1965

Visits of Field Marshal The Viscount Montgomery of Alamein

Reference: A/D1/V2/1

Date: March 26th 1947 - July 13th 1961

Visit of the Countess Mountbatten of Burma

Reference: A/D1/V2/10

Date: February 5th 1959 - June 13th 1959

Visit of Sir John Hunt

Reference: A/D1/V2/11

Date: April 18th 1961 - August 18th 1961

Visit of the Earl Mountbatten of Burma

Reference: A/D1/V2/12

Date: January 2nd 1962 - March 10th 1976

Visit of the Home Secretary, Sir Charles Cunningham

Reference: A/D1/V2/17

Date: December 23rd 1965 - March 15th 1966

Visit of John B Penfold the American consul in Southampton

Reference: A/D1/V2/18

Date: March 11th 1959 - April 29th 1959

Visit of Sir Brian Robertson, Chairman of the British Transport Commission

Reference: A/D1/V2/19

Date: June 15th 1959 - August 18th 1959

Visit of the Home Secretary, the Right Honourable Robert Carr

Reference: A/D1/V2/2

Date: March 28th 1973 - October 30th 1973

Visit of the Swiss Ambassador, Monsieur Armin Daeniker

Reference: A/D1/V2/20

Date: May 29th 1959 - July 21st 1959

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