Claim from Edward Pipon, St Lawrence for earth taken from his land to arrange a military construction - classed as war damages by the German Authorities

Reference: B/A/W64/1/9

Date: June 25th 1943 - June 25th 1943

Claims by Inhabitants

Reference: B/A/W64/2

Claim from Mrs Mallet, Mont Mallet, Gorey Hill for compensation for a field that has been 'commandered' on her property

Reference: B/A/W64/2/1

Date: July 25th 1941 - August 6th 1941

Claims for land on which military emplacements are to be erected. The following owners of property are included in claims for damages; Norman Kenal Cope, Le Vivier, St Martin, Arthur Fiott, Ville Moye, and Jeanne Bisson, Beonvoir

Reference: B/A/W64/2/2

Date: August 12th 1941 - August 12th 1941

Occupation of land

Reference: B/A/W64/3

Parish by parish list of all land required for military purposes and taken over by the German forces. The list gives details of the names of fields/property, area covered, owner and tenant. This list includes all requisitioned up until 07/01/1942.

Reference: B/A/W64/3/1

Date: December 22nd 1941 - February 18th 1942

Damages caused by military operations to be compensated for by the States of Jersey under war damage. Includes memorandum entitled 'Scheme for the Filing with the Department of Finance of Statements of Damage', and sample Report of Damage after the occupation of property by the German Forces form.

Reference: B/A/W64/3/2

Date: December 7th 1940 - July 9th 1942

Compensation to owners of property who are absent from the Channel Islands and whose property has been requisitioned by the German Forces

Reference: B/A/W64/3/3

Date: November 25th 1943 - November 25th 1943

Will and Testament of Helena Alice Morrissey née Moyse, of The Exeter Hotel, 22 Queen Street, St Helier, widow. Dated 7 February 1935. Bequeaths to Edward George Morrissey the house, shop and garage at 1, Columbus Street and the garage or yard bordering by the east a private road leading to Dorset Street. To Hilda Cecilia Morrissey the house 2 Stanley Villas, New St John's Road, with the land at the front and the rear. To Edward George Morrissey and Hilda Cecilia Morrissey, a bungalow on Grouville Common. Codicil added 18 December 1946: Bequeaths the garage bordering on a private road leading to Dorset Street to her daughter Hilda Cecilia

Reference: D/Y/A/119/32

Date: February 18th 1948 - February 18th 1948

Copy of Official Journal No 65 - containing Orders Decreed by the Military Government for Occupied French Territory. Includes correspondence relating to the order concerning war damages.

Reference: D/Z/H/K/65

Date: June 7th 1942 - July 3rd 1942

Letter from the Department of Finance and Economics to J du Val, Constable of St Peter, La Caroline, St Peter; relating to the registration of damage

Reference: L/F/54/C/D/13

Date: January 19th 1943 - January 19th 1943

War Damages

Reference: L/F/54/C/T

Letter from the Department of Finance and Economics to Mrs A J Cabot, Verona, La Rocque; relating to the explosion of a bomb near the property known as Homesdale, La Rocque

Reference: L/F/54/C/T/1

Date: August 10th 1944 - August 10th 1944

Memorandum on the Scheme for the Filing with the Department of Finance of Statements of Damage - not dated

Reference: L/F/54/C/T/2

Date: 1940 - 1945

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