Correspondence relating to First World War and earlier war dead, includes war graves and cemeteries

Reference: A/D1/W1/1

Date: June 24th 1912 - October 1st 1936

Correspondence relating to Second World War dead including the names of Russian dead, plan of strangers cemetery, German war graves, naval ratings in Howard Davis Park Cemetery, deportees graves, and Guernsey war dead

Reference: A/D1/W1/2

Date: June 13th 1944 - December 11th 1961

Members of H M's Forces

Reference: B/A/W85/1

Burial of Sergeant D C Butlin of the Royal Air Force in the new Mont à l'Abbé Cemetery. Also includes information on the burial of Sergeant A Holden (see B/A/W85/1/2)

Reference: B/A/W85/1/1

Date: June 3rd 1943 - March 16th 1946

Burial of Sergeant A Holden of the Royal Air Force in the new Mont à l'Abbé Cemetery. Also includes information on the burial of Sergeant D C Butlin (see B/A/W85/1/1)

Reference: B/A/W85/1/2

Date: June 3rd 1943 - March 16th 1946

Burial of British Naval Ratings, includes; 29 naval ratings washed ashore on November 14th 1943 and buried at Mont à l'Abbé cemetery on 17th November 1943. List of names of identified bodies. Enquries after the end of the Occupation relating to naval ratings on HMS Charybdis

Reference: B/A/W85/1/3

Date: November 14th 1943 - February 25th 1975

Request for information on missing Royal Air Force Personal, specifically Warrant Officer Kenneth McLeod Smith

Reference: B/A/W85/1/4

Date: January 28th 1948 - February 11th 1948

Photographs from Scotts Commercial and Art Photographers of a full military burial by the German Forces of members allied forces taking place in Jersey during the German Occupation. These photographs relate to the burials of Sergeants D C Butlin, and A Holden of the Royal Air Force in the Cemetery at Mont à l'Abbé

Reference: B/A/W85/1/5

Date: 1943 - 1945

Photographs from the Jersey Evening Post of a memorial service at the Howard Davis Park Cemetery

Reference: B/A/W85/1/6

Date: 1945 - 1955

Papers relating to the burial of United States Airman Alfred E Poitras at Mont à l'Abbé Cemetery, includes a list of religious denominations of Amercia with more than 50,000 members each

Reference: B/A/W85/2/1

Date: September 24th 1943 - October 18th 1943

Recovery of bodies of United States of America Naval Ratings, Darrel Archie Bricker, Richard Ellsworth Horsfield, and Rudolph William Schaffroth

Reference: B/A/W85/2/2

Date: August 12th 1944 - August 15th 1944

Papers relating to the recovery of the body of Wm H Parks a member of the United States Air Force

Reference: B/A/W85/2/3

Date: September 29th 1944 - September 29th 1944

Recovery of the bodies of United States of America airmen from the sea, includes names of airmen and personal details

Reference: B/A/W85/2/4

Date: October 31st 1944 - November 28th 1944

Enquiry from the United States of America Graves Registration and Effects Branch relating to any United States personnel buried in Jersey, includes; Names of United States personal buried in Jersey Information on the establishment of the Howard Davis War Cemetery. Exhumation and removal of United States personal to the United States Military Cemetery at Blosville, France - newspaper article and photograph of ceremony at Victoria Pier included

Reference: B/A/W85/2/5

Date: October 20th 1945 - August 2nd 1946

Enquiry from the Bishop of New Jersey relating to members of the American Forces who were buried in Jersey

Reference: B/A/W85/2/6

Date: October 19th 1950 - October 19th 1950

War grave of an unidentified allied airman who crashed with his aeroplane in Jersey on 14th June 1944, includes details of personal effects found with the body

Reference: B/A/W85/4

Date: June 16th 1944 - June 24th 1944

War Graves of Civilians in Enemy or Enemy Occupied Territory, includes; Brochure giving details of the area around Laufen. Reports on the graves of Channel Islanders buried at Laufen, Salzburg, Wurzach, Biberach, Berlin Heerstrasse, Ochsenhaussen, Neuengamnie, Dorsten, Ulm, Wittlich includes names, dates of death and personal details. Correspondence re. payment for the upkeep of graves and the possible repatriation of the bodies. Correspondence with Bertha Schiefer and her sister who cared for the Channel Islanders graves at Laufen

Reference: B/A/W85/5

Date: February 16th 1949 - May 5th 1979

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