States Assembly Hansard Official Report includes Committee of Inquiry: Toxic Incinerator Ash Dumping in the St. Helier Waterfront Land Reclamation Schemes (P.96/2008), Draft Water Resources (Jersey) Law 2007 (Appointed Day Act) Act 200- (P.105/2008), Rent Control Tribunal: Appointment of Chairman and Members (P.106/2008), Bailiff of Jersey: Cessation of Dual Rôle (P.112/2008), Planning and Environment: division into 2 ministerial offices (P.114/2008) and arrangement of public business for the present meeting.

Reference: C/A12/117

Date: September 9th 2008 - September 9th 2008

Sound Recording of the States Debate relating to the St Helier Waterfront Plan

Reference: C/A14/A/6

Date: November 10th 1992 - November 10th 1992

Petition to the States Assembly relating to the building of a hotel at the Waterfront presented to the States Assembly by Senator Stuart Syvret as P65/2000. Petition states, 'The humble petition of Christopher John Blackstone and residents of the Island of Jersey shews objection to the hotel to be proposed to be built on the St Helier Waterfront, for which approval has already been granted by the Planning and Environment Committee, on the grounds that it is detrimental to the waterfront environment, due to its size in relation to surrounding buildings, is aesthetically unattractive in design and is of doubtful financial viability in the light of Jersey's declining tourist industry and the detrimental effect it will have on existing hotels. And accordingly your petitioners pray that a) the Policy and Resources Committee will instruct the Waterfront Enterprise Board Limited to cease all negotiations concerning the lease for the land on which it is proposed that the St Helier Waterfront Hotel be constructed; and b) that the Planning and Environment Committee will establish guidelines and an overall cohesive plan for the St Helier Waterfront, the Island site and for the Weighbridge area before any further development in those areas is approved.'

Reference: D/AP/U/176

Date: 2000 - 2000

Treasurer of the States and President of the Finance and Economics Committee's general correspondence and filing concerning the Waterfront Enterprise Board

Reference: D/AU1/A3/141

Date: May 1st 1997 - October 8th 2002

Aerial photograph of work taking place on the Waterfront development

Reference: D/W/E3/15

Date: 1988 - 1988

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