Depositions (witness statements) in the case against Emmanuel Etienne Marie Le Feuvre accused of attempted murder. Statements are from Francis Hamon, Centenier of St Ouen, Rosalie Simon, John Edward Alexandre, Francis H Le Boutillier, Winter Bannier Vibert, Mary Ann Hamon, Hilda Jane Duval, Raphael Genée and Charles Mallet Poingdestre.

Reference: D/Y/G3/94

Date: August 10th 1905 - August 10th 1905

Depositions (witness statements) in the case against Francis Etasse accused of theft. Statements are from Arthur Luxon, Centenier of St Helier, Philip Barnett Bentlif and Alfred John Laurens.

Reference: D/Y/G3/95

Date: August 28th 1905 - August 28th 1905

Depositions (witness statements) in the case against Alice Angot accused of prostitution. Statements are from Alfred Luxon, Centenier of St Helier, John Francis Jouan, Police Officer, Ernest Charles Ferris, Police Officer and Thomas Noel, Police Officer.

Reference: D/Y/G3/96

Date: September 4th 1905 - September 4th 1905

Images of invesitgators demonstrating how a Photofit Kit can be used by the States of Jersey Police to help witnesses create a facial composite of a suspect that can then be used to aid the Police's investigations. These images were taken for a feature, with the demonstration using the face of an employee instead of a real life suspect.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/2/4584

Date: July 26th 1977 - July 26th 1977

Photographer: Ron Mayne

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1977/4584.

Contract between Richard [name unreadable as document faded], Edouard Pipon, Jean Falle, Nicollas Chevallier, Nicolas Le Bas, David Le Feuvre dit Filaistre and Thomas Balaine. Contract ratifies all of the witnesses to the fact of the possession of the goods of Mathieu Alexandre.

Reference: L/C/51/A1/115

Date: September 23rd 1710 - September 23rd 1710

Note to Jean Pipon calling him as a witness in an action between Richard Le Quesne and Pierre Perrot and Pierre Chevalier

Reference: L/C/65/A1/8

Date: October 2nd 1817 - October 2nd 1817

Witness statement of Joshua St John Priaulx of St Peter Port concerning a Parish Meeting held in 1751 relating to land a quarter of a mile from St Peter Port called Chyvreuse.

Reference: L/C/66/D/16

Date: May 2nd 1767

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