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Reference: handl/2019/00153

Object name: Painting

Artist: Heeps, Ronnie

Date: 2006 - 2006

Paint Box. Black with contents

Reference: JERSM/1980/00289/002

Object name: Paint box

Manufacturer: Reeves & Sons Ltd

Boy holding Bird and seated in Garden

Reference: JERSM/1987/00171/002

Object name: Tapestry

Embroiderer: Le Sueur, Mrs V

Bat over Jersey by N.V.L.Rybot

Reference: JERSM/1989/00405

Object name: Drawing

Illustrator: Rybot, N V L

Date: 1954

Pictures From England's Story

Reference: JERSM/1991/00415/004

Object name: Book

Editor: Stead, W T

Date: 1895 - 1905

Pictures From England's Story, Part 2

Reference: JERSM/1991/00415/005

Object name: Book

Editor: Stead, W T

Date: 1895 - 1905

White silk handkerchief (Ouless')

Reference: JERSM/1991/00421

Object name: Handkerchief

Date: 1900 - 1999

Autograph & Sketch Book Belonging to Walter Alexander

Reference: JERSM/1992/00094

Object name: Album

Presenter: Pellant, H

Date: 1902 - 1938

Picture Post, September 11, 1948

Reference: JERSM/1993/00761/029

Object name: Magazine

Publisher: Hulton Press Ltd

Date: September 11th 1948

artist's materials in cardboard box

Reference: JERSM/1996/00100/004

Object name: Paint box

Supplier: Winsor & Newton/Lyons/etc

Date: 1900 - 1999

Artists' retouching set

Reference: JERSM/1996/00110/207

Object name: Pencil

Maker: Fallowfield / Hardtmuth

Prints Carrying Case

Reference: JERSM/1997/00008

Object name: Print case

Folding Ancobilt easel with storage tray

Reference: JERSM/1997/00139

Object name: Easel

Trademark: Ancobilt

Devlon rubber in semi paste form

Reference: JERSM/1997/00385/069

Object name: Tube

Manufacturer: Devcon Corporation

Receipt for paintings, Minden Gallery

Reference: JERSM/1997/00642

Object name: Receipt

Issuer: Allen, E

Date: 1981-01

Artist's Wooden Easel

Reference: JERSM/1997/00653/031

Object name: Easel

Wooden stand

Reference: JERSM/1997/00875

Object name: Stand

Page from book

Reference: JERSM/1998/00649

Object name: Illustration

Marble Plaque from Barreau Art Gallery

Reference: JERSM/1998/01157

Object name: Plaque

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