Gate-post half of Farm gate hinge

Reference: JERSM/1997/00028

Object name: Gate hinge

Internal gate 7 bars

Reference: JERSM/1997/00154/001

Object name: gate

Metal gate 7 bars (2)

Reference: JERSM/1997/00154/002

Object name: Gates

Metal hinged Catch Hook for Gate

Reference: JERSM/1997/00433/036

Object name: Catch Lock

Two Metal Gate Catches

Reference: JERSM/1997/00448/019

Object name: Gate Catch

Large metal bracket/bolt

Reference: JERSM/1997/01108

Object name: Bracket

View of Front Gate by Moonlight, Aran Cay

Reference: JHT/1984/00006

Object name: Painting

Painter: Cook, Sir Francis

Date: 1967

Mont A L'Abbé Manor St Helier - Jersey

Reference: JHTO/0000/00016/1246

Object name: Postcard

Engraver: Discour-Noel

Date: 1910

entrance to Bellozanne Valley

Reference: JHTO/0000/00016/2228

Object name: Postcard

Date: 1920

Gateway of Sancreed Church, Cornwall

Reference: SJA/0000/00670

Object name: Print

Draughtsman: Faed, F G

Date: 1929

Gateway with Large Wooden Doors and Figures - Morel Farm, Edmund Blampied

Reference: SJA/0000/00692

Object name: Drawing

Artist: Blampied, Edmund

Date: 1932 - 1932

Grosnez Castle Gatehouse

Reference: SJA/0000/01291

Object name: Painting

Painter: Rybot, N V L

Date: 1937


Reference: SJA/0000/01452

Object name: Print

Artist: Richecoeur, Michael

Date: 1976

Mont au Pretre

Reference: SJA/0000/02341

Object name: Print

Artist: Keiley, George A

Date: 1930

Morel Farm Yard

Reference: SJA/0000/02344

Object name: Print

Artist: Keiley, George A

Date: 1930

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