Model of La Rocque Tower.

Reference: JERSM/1987/00296

Object name: Model tower

Maker: Wright, A

Date: -25 - 1930-11

Paperweight. Jersey Granite. Boxed.

Reference: JERSM/1988/00112

Object name: Paperweight

Date: 1969

Definitive Issue Medium Value

Reference: JERSM/1988/00288/000

Object name: Presentation Pack

Issuer: Jersey Philatelic Bureau

Printer: House of Questa

Artist/designer: Whiteley, V.

Key of Tower at Bel Royal

Reference: JERSM/1988/00582

Object name: Key

Date: 1800 - 1899


Reference: JHT/1989/00013

Object name: Print

Artist: Kilshaw, Paul John

Date: 1989

Lowtide, Jersey, Edmund Blampied

Reference: JHT/1989/00036

Object name: Print

Artist: Blampied, Edmund

Date: 1957

Occupation 1940-45 Triptych Preliminary Sketches (Nine)

Reference: JHT/1991/00001/a

Object name: Drawing

Artist: Crow, Derek W

Date: 1990

Lynx, The

Reference: JHT/1997/00183

Object name: Painting

Painter: Boyd, Ian

Date: 1997

Vraic Load, The, Edmund Blampied

Reference: PW/0000/00143

Object name: Print

Artist: Blampied, Edmund

Greve de Lecq

Reference: PW/0000/00221

Object name: Painting

Artist: Young, John

Date: - 1825

La Hougue Bie

Reference: PW/0000/00222

Object name: Painting

Artist: Young, John

Date: - 1825

Le Hocq Tower - Coast scene

Reference: SJA/0000/00067

Object name: Painting

Painter: Stanfield, W C

Date: 1840

Low Tide, Jersey

Reference: SJA/0000/00092

Object name: Painting

Painter: Blampied, Clifford G

Ouaisne from Le Creux

Reference: SJA/0000/00130

Object name: Painting

Artist: Blampied, Clifford G

Coast Scene with Fishing Boats and Martello Tower

Reference: SJA/0000/00131

Object name: Painting

Painter: Oakes, John Wright

Date: 1877

No1 Tower, Grouville, and Cottage

Reference: SJA/0000/00311

Object name: Painting

Painter: English School

Date: 1900

Portelet Bay, Jersey

Reference: SJA/0000/00344

Object name: Painting

Painter: Allinson, Adrian

Date: 1900 - 1959

Ships off a Coastal Keep, Philip John Ouless

Reference: SJA/0000/00387

Object name: Painting

Painter: Ouless, Philip John

Date: 1850

Lava Cliffs at Muscat, The

Reference: SJA/0000/00526

Object name: Painting

Painter: Rybot, N V L

Landscape with Bird

Reference: SJA/0000/00605

Object name: Painting

Artist: Sands, Frederick

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