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Reference: HANDL/2008/020

Object name: Cow Horn Weights

Date: 1900 - 1980

German Ammunition Box -Luftd Pulverkasteng 1942

Reference: JERSM/1977/00952

Object name: Ammunition box

Date: 1942 - 1942

Bullet Cartridges Converted to Pencils

Reference: JERSM/1978/01530/025

Object name: Bullet

Date: 1910 - 1920

Musket Ball. Lead.

Reference: JERSM/1979/00070

Object name: Ammunition

Cistern Head. 1751.

Reference: JERSM/1979/00242

Object name: Cistern head

Date: 1751

Cistern Head. 1773.

Reference: JERSM/1979/00244

Object name: Cistern head

Date: 1773

Lead box from under Victoria'a Statue

Reference: JERSM/1981/00054

Object name: Box

Button. Lead

Reference: JERSM/1981/00132

Object name: Button

Constable's Cosh, lead weighted rope.

Reference: JERSM/1982/00039

Object name: Cosh

Pair of Cow Horn Weights

Reference: JERSM/1984/00006

Object name: Cow Horn Weights | Weight

Printer's Block of Dean's Seal, Falle

Reference: JERSM/1985/00081/002

Object name: Seal

Date: 1906

Powder Horn containing lead shot

Reference: JERSM/1987/00584

Object name: Powder horn

Head of a Bullet

Reference: JERSM/1988/00595

Object name: Ammunition

Pencil, The French Pharmacy

Reference: JERSM/1989/00079/014

Object name: Pencil

Distributor: French Pharmacy

Date: 1966 - 1976

Round piece of lead shot

Reference: JERSM/1990/01063

Object name: Ammunition

Stained Glass Window from a door

Reference: JERSM/1993/00386/001

Object name: Window

Stained Glass Window from a door

Reference: JERSM/1993/00386/002

Object name: Window

Lead models, soldiers & animals

Reference: JERSM/1994/01065/001

Object name: Figure

Lead milk maid, handmade in Occupation

Reference: JERSM/1996/00115/027

Object name: Model milkmaid

Maker: Satchwell, R

Date: 1935 - 1945

Lead pig, handmade in Occupation

Reference: JERSM/1996/00115/028

Object name: Model pig

Maker: Satchwell, R

Date: 1935 - 1945

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