Replica 17th Century Baheur

Reference: HANDL/1111/00284

Object name: Baheur

Maker: Trevor Gould

Date: 2008 - 2008

Sail Maker's Needle, Palm Protector and Awl

Reference: HANDL/2018/00004

Object name: Needle | Palm protector | Awl

Date: 1900 - 2000

Sword Belt or Baldric

Reference: JERSM/1972/00200/032

Object name: Holder

Horse Saddle from German Artillery Team

Reference: JERSM/1972/00239/001

Object name: Saddle

Date: 1939 - 1945

[No title]

Reference: JERSM/1973/00300/001

Object name: Sword

: de Gruchy, A

Date: 1850

Leather. Rectangular Brown Pieces

Reference: JERSM/1975/00502/001

Object name: Leather

Date: 1935 - 1945

Leather. Rectangular Brown Piece.

Reference: JERSM/1975/00502/002

Object name: Leather

Distributor: British Red Cross Society

Date: 1940 - 1950

Brief Case with initials L.V.V

Reference: JERSM/1975/00575/103

Object name: Brief Case

Date: 1950

Uniform of Jersey Militia - Belt

Reference: JERSM/1975/00582/002

Object name: Militia Uniform

Issuer: 2nd Royal Jersey Regiment

Date: 1875

Women's lace up boots

Reference: JERSM/1975/00624/019

Object name: Shoes | Boots

: Lion Brand

[No title]

Reference: JERSM/1976/00675

Object name: Chair

Doll's Pram

Reference: JERSM/1977/00795

Object name: Pram

Manufacturer: Lines Bros Ltd

Date: 1947 - 1957

Black Ladies Boots

Reference: JERSM/1977/00812/011

Object name: Boots

Black Ladies Boots

Reference: JERSM/1977/00812/012

Object name: Boots

: C.R. Brand

Swagger Stick, leather

Reference: JERSM/1977/00814/002

Object name: Swagger stick

Belt, Sam Browne

Reference: JERSM/1977/00814/003

Object name: Belt

Issuer: British Army

Hinged Case. Daguerrotype Photo.'A Lady'

Reference: JERSM/1977/00836/001

Object name: Photo case

Hinged Photo Case. Photo 'Miss Bree'.

Reference: JERSM/1977/00836/002

Object name: Photo case

Women's Black Embroidered Shoes

Reference: jersm/1977/00851/004

Object name: Shoes

: Hanan and Son

Date: 1837 - 1901

German Officers Sword

Reference: JERSM/1977/00942

Object name: Sword

Date: 1940 - 1945

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