Halberton Farm, WE Perchard milk bottle

Reference: JERSM/1970/00138

Object name: Bottle

Distributor: WE Perchard

Wooden Barrel Wheat Measure with Leveller - ELCN

Reference: JERSM/1973/00263/002

Object name: Measure

Date: 1870 - 1950

Large Wooden Bar Scales

Reference: JERSM/1974/00437

Object name: Scales

Date: 1900 - 1950

Jersey Milk Can

Reference: JERSM/1974/00496

Object name: Milk can

Date: 1900 - 1999

[No title]

Reference: JERSM/1975/00504/011

Object name: Washing trough

Metal Three Legged Trivet

Reference: JERSM/1975/00504/014

Object name: Trivet

Metal shod oxen hoof

Reference: JERSM/1975/00605/001

Object name: Oxen hoof | Shoe

Milk Metal can with looped handle

Reference: JERSM/1976/00642

Object name: Can

[No title]

Reference: JERSM/1977/00817/002

Object name: Butter pat

Milking Pail or Bucket

Reference: JERSM/1977/00817/009

Object name: Bucket | Pail

Wooden Butter Stirring Spoon

Reference: JERSM/1977/00817/010

Object name: Spoon

Small Wooden Footstool

Reference: JERSM/1977/00817/011

Object name: Footstool

Motor Vehicle Licence. Tractor.

Reference: JERSM/1977/00840/001

Object name: License

Issuer: States of Jersey

Date: 1950 - 1975

Sugar Beet Press

Reference: JERSM/1977/00850/002

Object name: Press

Maker: Le Quesne, Mr

Date: 1935 - 1945

Wooden butter stamp

Reference: JERSM/1977/00884

Object name: Butter stamp

User: Le Brocq, James

Date: 1900 - 1999

[No title]

Reference: JERSM/1978/00058

Object name: Canteen

Date: 1900 - 1999

[No title]

Reference: JERSM/1978/00504/11

Object name: Trough

Butter Churn. Wooden.

Reference: JERSM/1978/01051

Object name: Churn

St Peter's Horticultural Society Medal

Reference: JERSM/1978/01468/001

Object name: Medallion

St Clemeent's Horticultural Society

Reference: JERSM/1978/01468/002

Object name: Medallion

Distributor: St Clement's Horticultural Society

Date: 1905

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