Farming Shovel

Reference: handl/2019/00006/003

Object name: Shovel

Date: 1900 - 1999

Brass 1 Pint Jersey Milk Can

Reference: HANDL/2019/00164

Object name: Jug

Date: 1950 - 1960

Cider flagon/jug

Reference: JERSM/1970/00133

Object name: Flagon

Distributor: Tallis and Saunders

Date: 1800 - 1899

Halberton Farm, WE Perchard milk bottle

Reference: JERSM/1970/00138

Object name: Bottle

Distributor: WE Perchard

Casserole Dish, Earthenware

Reference: JERSM/1973/00261/070

Object name: Casserole Dish

Stoneware Glazed Jug or Flagon

Reference: JERSM/1973/00261/080

Object name: Flagon | Jug

Date: 1800 - 1899

Earthenware Half Glazed Pot

Reference: JERSM/1973/00261/081

Object name: Pot

Date: 1800 - 1899

Cider flagon/jug

Reference: JERSM/1973/00261/096

Object name: Cider flagon

Distributor: Le Masurier, C Ltd

Date: 1800 - 1899

Wooden Barrel Wheat Measure with Leveller - ELCN

Reference: JERSM/1973/00263/002

Object name: Measure

Date: 1870 - 1950

Small Jar, Earthenware

Reference: JERSM/1974/00403

Object name: Jar

Date: 1850 - 1950

Large Jug, Earthenware

Reference: JERSM/1974/00405

Object name: Jug

Date: 1850 - 1950

Large Wooden Bar Scales

Reference: JERSM/1974/00437

Object name: Scales

Date: 1900 - 1950

Jersey Milk Can

Reference: JERSM/1974/00496

Object name: Milk can

Date: 1900 - 1999

Wooden trough with handles

Reference: JERSM/1975/00504/011

Object name: Washing trough

Metal Three Legged Trivet

Reference: JERSM/1975/00504/014

Object name: Trivet

Certificate of Attendance at the Migratory Butter School - Miss A Le Roux

Reference: JERSM/1975/00515/002

Object name: Certificate

Issuer: Agricultural Department

Date: 1898-09 - 1898-09

Metal shod oxen hoof

Reference: JERSM/1975/00605/001

Object name: Oxen hoof | Shoe

Milk Metal can with looped handle

Reference: JERSM/1976/00642

Object name: Can

Lime Rake

Reference: JERSM/1976/00683/012

Object name: Rake

Date: 1900 - 1999

[No title]

Reference: JERSM/1977/00817/002

Object name: Butter pat

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