Our Answer to a Red Cross Letter

Reference: JERSM/1996/00088/008

Object name: Poem

Date: 1935 - 1945

The Absent Minded Beggar by Rudyard Kipling

Reference: JERSM/2019/00052

Object name: Book | Poem

Author: Kipling, Rudyard

Date: 1899 - 1899

Annonymous poem attacking the greed and complacency of the Channel Islanders

Reference: JHTO/0000/00002

Object name: Poem

Author: Anonymous

Date: 1944

[No title]

Reference: NTFJ/1990/30

Object name: Poem

Composer: Davis, Mr C.

Lillie Langtry

Reference: SJA/0000/03716

Object name: Etching | Poem

Painter: Miles, Frank

Poet: Locker, Frederick

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