South Staffordshire Regiment Shoulder Badges

Reference: NTFJ/1990/216

Object name: Badge

Army Badge

Reference: NTFJ/1990/216/2

Object name: Badge

Leather Cigarette Case

Reference: NTFJ/1990/239

Object name: Cigarette Case

Date: 1909 - 1919

British Army Helmet, South Staffs

Reference: NTFJ/1990/212

Object name: Helmet

Issuer: British Army

Ammunition Box?

Reference: NTFJ/1990/266

Object name: Container

Army Ammunition Pouch

Reference: NTFJ/1990/267

Object name: Ammunition pouch

Army Shoulder Bag

Reference: NTFJ/1990/262

Object name: Shoulder bag

Date: 1935 - 1945

Army Field Dressing

Reference: NTFJ/1990/219

Object name: Field dressing

Date: 1920

First Field Dressing

Reference: NTFJ/1990/218

Object name: Field dressing

Manufacturer: Maw, S Son & Sons Ltd

Army Bag

Reference: NTFJ/1990/264

Object name: Bag

Issuer: The British Army

Army Shoulder Bag

Reference: NTFJ/1990/263

Object name: Shoulder bag

Army Pouch

Reference: NTFJ/1990/217

Object name: Pouch

Army Shoulder Bag

Reference: NTFJ/1990/296

Object name: Shoulder bag

Army Hold-All

Reference: NTFJ/1990/297

Object name: Hold-all

Manufacturer: Diamond

Leather Gun Holster

Reference: NTFJ/1990/221

Object name: Holster

Horse Riding Spurs

Reference: NTFJ/1990/258

Object name: Spurs

Manufacturer: Peal's


Reference: NTFJ/1990/257

Object name: Gaiter

His Majesty's Regiments of the British Army

Reference: NTFJ/1990/213

Object name: Book

Publisher: Metro-Provincial Ltd.

Date: 1949

'G' Red Arm Band

Reference: NTFJ/1990/214

Object name: Arm band

Brass Plated Button Stick

Reference: NTFJ/1990/210

Object name: Button stick

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