Reference: A/C2/30

Letter from the Secretary of State Home Department to C B Ewart Lieutenant-Governor acknowledgement of his letter of the 4 Feb

Reference: A/C2/30/1

Date: February 6th 1891 - February 6th 1891

Draft letter to an unidentified gentleman from C B Ewart, Lieutenant- Governor regarding Colonel Le Cornu's term of office

Reference: A/C2/30/2

Date: April 7th 1891 - April 7th 1891

Letter from George Bertram, Bailiff to C B Ewart Lieutenant- Governor acknowledging receipt of his letter and originally enclosed with a letter from the Horse Guards referring to the strength of the Militia in the Island

Reference: A/C2/30/3

Date: October 17th 1891 - October 17th 1891

Copy letter from C B Ewart, Lieutenant-Governor to the Under Secretary of State Home Office informing him that Mr Malet de Carteret forfeited his right to be called Lieutenant Colonel after his resignation

Reference: A/C2/30/4

Date: November 14th 1891 - November 14th 1891

Letter from Godfrey Lushington, Whitehall to C B Ewart Lieutenant-Governor acknowledging receipt of his letter pointing out Mr Malet de Carteret is not entitled to the rank Lieutenant Colonel

Reference: A/C2/30/5

Date: November 20th 1891 - November 20th 1891

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