Reference: A/C2/37

Letter from Captain J A Girlron [?] to the Assistant Adjutant General regarding the non-payment of a fine for being absent from Militia drills by Elie George Du Val of St Mary, advice that the matter should be reported to the Magistrate

Reference: A/C2/37/1

Date: December 21st 1898 - December 21st 1898

Letter from A Ward Simpson, Government Secretary to J Vaudin Juge d' Instruction originally enclosed with a letter from the Officer Commanding the Royal Jersey Militia, with transcript

Reference: A/C2/37/2

Date: December 23rd 1898 - December 23rd 1898

Letter from Peter Sohier to John Vaudin 'Juge d' Instruction' regarding the arrest of Elie George Du Val for non payment of a fine

Reference: A/C2/37/3

Date: December 24th 1898 - December 24th 1898

Letter from Thomas Le Riche Commis Greffier to Lt Colonel Ward Simpson, Government Secretary acknowledging receipt of his letter of 23 December and informing him of Elie Du Val's arrest and subsequent payment of his fine

Reference: A/C2/37/4

Date: December 27th 1898 - December 27th 1898

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