Reference: A/C2/50

Correspondence between Captain J E Dickinson, Officer Commanding Army Service Corps, A N Rochfort, Lieutenant Governor, W V Vernon, Bailiff, and Henry de Veulle, Treasurer of the States regarding claims for costs of rations issued to the Jersey Militia

Reference: A/C2/50/1

Date: April 25th 1916 - December 29th 1916

Letter from A N Rochfort Lieutenant Governor to the Attorney General regarding an offence against existing regulations by J Jean whilst on outpost duty at St Ouen

Reference: A/C2/50/2

Date: February 7th 1916 - February 7th 1916

Letter from W V Vernon Bailiff to the Lieutenant Governor [General Sir Alexander Nelson Rochefort] regarding construction of a munitions magazine at the new Town Arsenal, originally enclosed with plans and a copy of an Act of the Public Works Committee

Reference: A/C2/50/3

Date: September 23rd 1916 - September 23rd 1916

Correspondence regarding Jean Benjamin Francis Cole, 25 Halkett Place including a statement of his service in the Militia, enquiry from the French Consul

Reference: A/C2/50/4

Date: December 8th 1916 - December 10th 1916

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