File S4/1/11/1 Arrest and Detention of Aliens

Reference: A/C8/1

Date: July 27th 1939 - June 25th 1954

File containing newspaper cuttings relating to the Royal Commission on Constitutional Reform

Reference: A/C8/2

Date: 1968 - 1969

File relating to the Royal Commission on Constitutional Reform

Reference: A/C8/3

Date: January 16th 1969 - April 25th 1969

File S4/1/11/2 Essential Personnel

Reference: A/C8/1a

Date: October 2nd 1953 - September 25th 1961

File S4/1/11/3 War instructions to Immigration Officers

Reference: A/C8/1b

Date: June 28th 1954 - November 9th 1977

File S.4/1/1 and 7 Control of Civil Aircraft in the Precautionary Stage of a War [file number changes throughout file]

Reference: A/C8/4

Date: June 30th 1951 - January 10th 1952

File S.4/1/2 Warning Notices [includes documents from S.4/1/13]

Reference: A/C8/5

Date: June 30th 1951 - January 13th 1954

File S.4/1/3 Dimming and Dousing of Navigation and General Lighting Restrictions

Reference: A/C8/6

Date: September 10th 1948 - January 23rd 1961

File S.4/1/4 Detention of Enemy Ships in British Ports

Reference: A/C8/7

Date: July 8th 1949 - October 30th 1956

File S.4/1/5 Accommodation Clearance Register

Reference: A/C8/8

Date: November 30th 1948 - October 10th 1956

File S.4/1/8 Press Control

Reference: A/C8/9

Date: November 14th 1950 - May 26th 1952

File S.4/1/9 Temporary Mob Scheme

Reference: A/C8/10

Date: June 21st 1955 - June 21st 1955

File S/4/11 Mobilisation Posters

Reference: A/C8/11

Date: June 28th 1951 - February 16th 1955

File S.4/1/10 Supply of Petrol Ration Books and Food Reserves

Reference: A/C8/10a

Date: March 30th 1951 - November 21st 1958

File S.4/1/12/ Miscellaneous

Reference: A/C8/12

Date: October 31st 1952 - September 29th 1961

File S.4/1/12/1 Trading with the Enemy

Reference: A/C8/13

Date: May 7th 1952 - April 6th 1956

File S4/1/12/2 Defence [Public Security] Regulations

Reference: A/C8/14

Date: December 17th 1952 - April 14th 1962

File S4/1/12/3 Control of Passenger Travel-British Subjects

Reference: A/C8/15

Date: August 21st 1953 - September 17th 1956

File S4/1/12/4 Control of Communications

Reference: A/C8/16

Date: June 3rd 1954 - October 25th 1960

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