Correspondence relating to sabotage and the medical arrangments at the General Hospital

Reference: A/E/11/1

Date: August 5th 1914 - August 7th 1914

Appointment of special constables for the preservation of order

Reference: A/E/11/10

Date: August 21st 1914 - August 25th 1914

Papers relating to the digging of trenches along the coast of Jersey and the possibility of endangering sea walls

Reference: A/E/11/11

Date: August 25th 1914 - August 27th 1914

Legislation relating to the storage of meat for the troops in the refrigeration unit of the abattoir

Reference: A/E/11/12

Date: August 26th 1914 - August 29th 1914

Papers relating to; aliens travel permits, the police in Jersey, the Jersey Commercial Association, treatment of infectious diseases amongst the troops at Overdale Hospital, the National Relief Fund, the mail boat service, provision of medical services for the families of sailors in Jersey, the use of fireworks on bonfire night, declaration that Britain is now at war with Turkey

Reference: A/E/11/13

Date: August 29th 1914 - October 12th 1918

Papers relating to register of Belgian refugees in Jersey

Reference: A/E/11/14

Date: May 20th 1915 - September 25th 1917

Papers relating to; alien travel permits, censorship of letters from James Le Couteur to Russian vessels, students at the Jesuit Ecclesiastical College, Maison St Louis, withdrawal of books containing drawings or photographs of HM ships, and curtailment of public lighting

Reference: A/E/11/15

Date: July 2nd 1915 - May 17th 1916

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