File concerning enemy aliens, intern repatriation, and exemptions from internment, includes details of applications for exemption (for Kayser and Zimmerman see A/E/4).

Reference: A/E/8/1

Date: August 20th 1914 - July 30th 1919

Permits for aliens to go to England and land in Jersey and related papers

Reference: A/E/8/2

Date: January 18th 1915 - February 18th 1921

Papers relating to the control of Harbour Lighting

Reference: A/E/8/3

Date: November 29th 1916 - January 13th 1917

Papers relating to the collection of seaweed at St Ouen close to the Prisoner of War camp

Reference: A/E/8/4

Date: December 7th 1916 - December 12th 1916

Papers relating to lights on motor vehicles

Reference: A/E/8/5

Date: January 20th 1917 - November 11th 1918

Regulations on personal effects and luggage

Reference: A/E/8/6

Date: November 10th 1916 - November 23rd 1916

Control of shipping and communications of messages from the Admiralty

Reference: A/E/8/7

Date: October 25th 1916 - November 18th 1916

Export of the Evening Post to neutral countries

Reference: A/E/8/8

Date: August 24th 1916 - September 25th 1916

Orders from the Admiralty prohibiting the advertising of sailing times of shipping to and from the island

Reference: A/E/8/9

Date: December 5th 1916 - December 8th 1916

Installation of wirelesses on mailboats

Reference: A/E/8/10

Date: January 11th 1917 - June 23rd 1917

Disclosure of military information in newspapers

Reference: A/E/8/11

Date: December 9th 1916 - May 2nd 1917

Badges for Aliens' Officers

Reference: A/E/8/12

Date: June 9th 1917 - June 25th 1917

Passport regulations between the Channel Islands

Reference: A/E/8/13

Date: August 2nd 1917 - September 11th 1917

Repairs to the Aliens Officers' bicycle

Reference: A/E/8/14

Date: February 17th 1917 - February 23rd 1917

Passports and visa applications for those travelling to or through Occupied Territory. The first part of the applications diary contains references relating to papers in A/E/8/17. The file also contains a report of an appeal from the Royal Court delivered 27th January 1906 concerning the executors of the Will of Julia Westaway

Reference: A/E/8/16

Date: December 5th 1921 - March 20th 1925

Files relating to the granting of passports, regulations, permit books and travel arrangements

Reference: A/E/8/17

Date: August 21st 1914 - December 8th 1924

Restrictions on the sale of arms and ammunition and issue of licences for their sale [Indexed]

Reference: A/E/8/18

Date: August 26th 1914 - April 15th 1920

Regulations and correspondence relating to carrier and homing pigeons

Reference: A/E/8/19

Date: May 22nd 1915 - July 17th 1919

Law on Publications

Reference: A/E/8/20

Date: March 30th 1917 - May 7th 1917

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