File V.2/9 detailing visits of Bishops of Winchester between 1951 and 1995 includes news cuttings and correspondence

Reference: A/U2/1

Date: April 12th 1951 - April 19th 1996

File V.2/15 detailing visits of Bishops of Southampton and Basingstoke

Reference: A/U2/2

Date: December 31st 1961 - January 7th 1997

File V.2/21visits of the Lieutenant Governor and the Deemster of the Isle of Man

Reference: A/U2/3

Date: January 20th 1960 - June 29th 2000

File V.2/ 42 Visit of the Indian High Commissioner

Reference: A/U2/4

Date: March 16th 1977 - November 1st 1977

File V.2/8 Visits of the Commander in Chief Portsmouth

Reference: A/U2/5

Date: August 18th 1959 - March 7th 1968

File V.2/13 Visits of the Commander in Chief Coastal Command

Reference: A/U2/6

Date: April 16th 1962 - September 1st 1965

File V.2/24 Visit of the Trinity House Vessel Patricia

Reference: A/U2/7

Date: June 23rd 1965 - June 5th 1981

File V.2/26 Visit of the Bishop of Cornwall

Reference: A/U2/8

Date: January 19th 1967 - April 5th 1967

File V.2/27 Visit of G.O.C South West District

Reference: A/U2/9

Date: April 20th 1967 - February 14th 1993

File V.2/41 Visit of the Archbishop of York

Reference: A/U2/10

Date: June 4th 1977 - June 5th 1979

File V.2/46 Visits of the Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey

Reference: A/U2/11

Date: September 12th 1980 - August 9th 1991

File V.2/47 Visits of Flag Officer Plymouth

Reference: A/U2/12

Date: September 9th 1989 - June 29th 1995

File V.2/47 Visits of Flag Officer Plymouth

Reference: A/U2/13

Date: March 12th 1981 - May 21st 1991

File V.2/48 Visit of the City Livery Club

Reference: A/U2/14

Date: December 11th 1981 - June 1st 1982

File V.2/49 Visit of Naval Home Command

Reference: A/U2/15

Date: March 11th 1982 - April 29th 1982

File V.2/51 Visits of Préfets Maritimes de la le Région Cherbourg (83 & 84)

Reference: A/U2/16

Date: November 16th 1981 - June 17th 1993

File V.2/53 Visit of Trade and Industry Secretary Norman Tebbit M.P.

Reference: A/U2/17

Date: March 2nd 1983 - November 30th 1991

File V.2/54 Visit of the Second Sea Lord

Reference: A/U2/18

Date: March 2nd 1983 - July 1st 1984

File V.2/55 Visit of the Soviet Ambassador and Madame Popov

Reference: A/U2/19

Date: July 25th 1985 - May 23rd 1996

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