Enquiries for Relatives

Reference: B/A/L15

Enquiry from Mrs Mary Mackenzie, 76, Fern Hill, Leeds concerning her brother, Wireless Petty Officer Harry Brown who was on HMS Charybdis, which sank off the Channel Islands

Reference: B/A/L15/1

Date: May 11th 1945 - May 20th 1945

Enquiry from PO Jouault, HMS Irwell, Birkenhead concerning Mr and Mrs Jean Louis Jouault, Valley des Vaux, her parents

Reference: B/A/L15/2

Date: May 19th 1945 - May 19th 1945

Enquiry from Major C P Woodward, Fairfield, Goring, Reading concerning his son, Squadron Leader R S Woodward whose plane was attacked off Jersey

Reference: B/A/L15/3

Date: May 11th 1945 - July 9th 1945

Enquiry from Cosgrave concerning Flavelle, Mont Millais

Reference: B/A/L15/4

Date: May 21st 1945 - May 21st 1945

Enquiry from Harry J Stocker, 2, Hilberoyd Road, Batley, Yorkshire concerning the deaths of his brother and sister in law, Colonel and Mrs W A Stocker

Reference: B/A/L15/5

Date: May 20th 1945 - May 29th 1945

Enquiry from Mrs H H Cohu, Holly Lodge, Five Oaks concerning the whereabouts of her husband, Canon Clifford John Cohu who was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment, which was served on the continent

Reference: B/A/L15/6

Date: May 18th 1945 - May 29th 1945

Enquiry from Mrs Coates, 21, Talbot Street, Colne, Lancashire concerning her son, Leading Steward Frederick George Briggs of HMS Charybdis

Reference: B/A/L15/8

Date: June 12th 1945 - June 13th 1945

Enquiry from Mrs Lucy, Channel Islands Society of Kent, Penn Court, Hollingbourne, Kent concerning naval personnel whose bodies were washed ashore after the loss of HMS Charybdis

Reference: B/A/L15/9

Date: June 14th 1945 - June 19th 1945

Enquiry from Mrs M Squibb, Beaulieu Wood, Wyhe Oliver Road, Preston, Weymouth concerning her furniture, which was left at 13, Old Street, St Helier when she evacuated

Reference: B/A/L15/10

Date: June 11th 1945 - June 26th 1945

Enquiry from Mr and Mrs P W E Barnes, 33, Coral Street, Southbank, Middlesborough, Yorkshire concerning their son who was aboard HMS Charybdis

Reference: B/A/L15/11

Date: July 20th 1945 - July 20th 1945

Enquiry from Mrs Amy T Clark, 14, Grove Park Walk, Harrogate, Yorkshire concerning her husband Charles Clark who was aboard HMS Charybdis

Reference: B/A/L15/12

Date: August 2nd 1945 - August 8th 1945

Enquiry from Captain Eric H Green, Chewton Pines, Highcliffe on Sea, Hants concerning his brother Clarence William Green proprietor of West's Cinema

Reference: B/A/L15/13

Date: December 5th 1945 - December 7th 1945

Enquiry from Miss L Bliaux, Nursing Staff, Old Colonials Association concerning any relations of her late father James Hyinthe Bliaux

Reference: B/A/L15/14

Date: October 24th 1945 - December 7th 1945

Enquiry from H D Webb, 52, Fourth Street, Krugersdorp, South Africa concerning the whereabouts of Sophie Binet, Langmead, La Rocque

Reference: B/A/L15/15

Date: December 3rd 1945 - December 29th 1945

Enquiry from Robert James Bowman, 149, Pershore Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham concerning the whereabouts of his brother Albert Bowman

Reference: B/A/L15/16

Date: December 15th 1945 - December 31st 1945

Enquiry from Mrs Celia Harvey, 31, Third Avenue, Port Kembla, New South Wales, Australia concerning the whereabouts of her brother Sidney John Selby and his family

Reference: B/A/L15/17

Date: February 9th 1946 - February 15th 1946

Enquiry from Mrs James Upper, 1450, Prince Edward Avenue, Niagara Falls, Canada concerning her son who went missing on an operational flight in July 1944

Reference: B/A/L15/18

Date: April 2nd 1946 - April 5th 1946

Enquiry from the Waifs and Strays Society, Old Town Hall, Kennington Road, London concerning the parents of Patrick Kemp

Reference: B/A/L15/19

Date: March 29th 1946 - April 8th 1946

Enquiry from Dorset County Council concerning any relatives of James Guille in the Channel Islands

Reference: B/A/L15/20

Date: March 19th 1946 - April 13th 1946

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